What happens if there is no season or its shortened?

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      How would we determine the draft order for 2021 draft picks? Would it be based off last years standings, weighted lottery, or completely random?

      Will there be added IR spots, increased roster spots?

      Can players infected be placed on the IR?

      Will all these important decisions be made by Fulltime or would we get a poll and the players decide? What kind of progress or discussions have been made by fulltime? Was there any sort of timeline for any of these issues?

      All of these things could greatly effect trades and the way teams build their rosters. Some teams may be hesitant to trade their picks with the chance of being the 1.01.

      I also dont remember seeing the results from the poll earlier this year.

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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      Definitely exists a possibility for a rocky road ahead. Our contingency plans regarding a shortened and or discontinued season are bring emailed and posted sometime today. It answers this question and a whole lot more.

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      Scott…none of the items above from Kyle are addressed in the email issued today.

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      Do we have any answers for the concerns above? I did find the rules for the contingency plan on a shortened season (not on the dynasty rules page), but nothing about draft picks for 2021.

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      I received no email. DFWC 49.

      I share the same concerns as Kyle and assume most everyone will have these questions and more. Example, Some NFL players have already taken the opt out for 2020 season. If a player on my roster does, can he be placed on season ending IR?


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      A year ago there was a poll including the additional #22 roster slot question. Were the results of that poll released? Agree with above posts that it would be nice to have answers regarding potential draft order if the season is shortened along with whether or not a player who opts out due to COVID concerns would be considered for IR for the season, similar to players who test positive qualify for short term. Thx.

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      Appreciate an update with hopefully answers to the above questions. Thanks.

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