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      With LeSean McCoy signing in KC all the social media critics say Damien Williams is done and Darwin Thompson has no value. I don’t really think that McCoy will come in and take over I think  he knows the system and that’s why they signed him. For me Darwin Thompson is still the most talented back on the roster we all know he can run but what has me impressed the most is his pass blocking if you watch the Pittsburg game he leveled a blitzing LB and on another play he stepped up and stopped a DL that got away from the tackle in both cases the QB was able to step up in the pocket and make successful completions, so for me he is still the most talented back in KC. How are the sharks going to handle this backfield?

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      Adam RonisAdam Ronis

      McCoy didn’t show much the last two seasons. I think it will be a headache backfield. I would take Darwin if the price drops.

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