Trade opening? Survey?

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      Why didn’t we get the offseason survey yet? When is trading going to open?

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      Why cant we trade?????????????????????????????

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      What’s going on with these leagues? Is it folding? Do we need to worry? No follow up on anything or anyone’s questions. Turn trading on for the people that have paid. Rule changes and the yearly survey should have happened right after the Super Bowl to keep this rolling. Every year trading has opened later. This should get easier not more stressful

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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      Hi Kyle,

      NO sir, not folding. Why would we do that? Lots going on behind the scenes to get the new leagues ready.
      We have compliance regulations, and states we’re going after to get back online. (IN, MO, VA etc). We also have new regs in Ohio we’re preparing.

      We are waiting on tech to “FLIP” the dues so trading can begin. I’m hoping this happens on Monday.
      I’m not sure what issues we need to survey this year, but we will send something out, good reminder!

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      Thanks for the response. Just would have been nice to see a response like that on all league home pages to keep everyone up to date.

      I dont know what’s going on behind the scenes, but I would really like it if things got done faster so trading would be allowed in February.

      My biggest thing I’d like to see changed is:

      1. Dropping kickers and defense

      2. Expanding rosters and adding a taxi squad. Would add value to the rookie picks and make the later rounds worth something. Now everyone has to drop good/decent upside players because we dont have room for them.

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