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      12 team 1pt ppr.  Currently 6-3, 4th points.  I feel I don’t have enough to win it.  My roster is as follows:

      Brissett, Wentz

      Aaron Jones, M Mack, K Hunt, L Murray

      M Evans, T Boyd, M Gallup, Z Pascal

      C Herndon, D Walker

      Pats D, Balt D

      I proposed the following trade and he agreed to it.  Should I follow through? 

      Give up: M Evans and Marlon Mack….Get: Saquan Barkley and TY Hilton


      -Mike Evans has two tough matchups the next two weeks including N.O. in which he gets locked down.

      -TY Hilton is injured…who knows when he’ll be back, are Gallup and Boyd good enough to get me through the next couple weeks?

      -Marlon Mack has a tough schedule come FF playoff time…Barkley has it a lot better but the Giants are awful

      -A Jones and Barkley both have byes week 11…I play 2 weaker teams the next two weeks and feel if I can get to 8 wins, I should be in a good spot to make the playoffs.

      -Should I take the chance now with Hilton’s injury and week 11 byes (A Jones and Barkley) and hopefully get rewarded later? Or should I just go with what I got?


      Thanks guys,


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      Shawn ChildsShawn Childs

      On a straight comparison in Fantasy points, if Hilton comes back quickly from his injury, Barkley has more value that Evans and Hilton is the better option than Mack in PPR leagues. Boyd and Gallop have close enough talent/opportunity to bridge you to Hilton.

      Good luck if the deal is excepted.

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