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      I am interested in a Superflex league and was wondering if or when this would be available. Also the roster sizes and starting roster.

      Also about some twists with TE premium, .25 point per carry, point per first down, different piont per reception for each position (rb .25, wr .50, TE 1.0). Taxi squad? Larger rosters?

      I’ve read a few articles about leagues changing it up from just a ppr league and adding some of these other scoring systems to make it feel more like real life and for the scoring to reflect the importance of the game.

      These are just some baseline thoughs where the scoring can be tweaked to get that real life feel. If there is some interest i could try and find some of those articles and see what people actually used for scoring and what they thought was the most balanced scoring to reflect the game and its impottance

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