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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      Here is the list we sent our developer. If you have any you’d like us to consider, carefully write them out below and we will add them to the list.

      Having to log in all the time is the OVERWHELMING biggest negative feedback we get. We need to address it and stomp it out once and for all. Sounds like you have improved it already with the session cookie timeout, but let’s ensure this is the case.

      regarding Blind Bidding

      1. There is no alarm when putting bids in , as to which bidding period these bids will be processed. Often they would be putting bids in and the system would always accept them, but at 9:00 or 9:01 people would be submitting and think they were for this current bid period, but they weren’t.
      When someone enters the bidding screen, there should be a countdown clock just like the draft clock to let them know how much time they have left for bidding for this next waiver period.
      When someone hits the submit button, there should be a message stating These Bids Will be processed DATE and TIME”

      2. Tiebreaker for tied bids is currently, worst won/loss record, then coin flip. It should be based on total points scored.

      3. The box for bids allowed other non numerical characters and the system accepted them as bids, when they should have been rejected.

      4. When people don’t win a guy, they want to know why. We should create a report of their PAST BID REQUESTS and make it available to them so they can access why they didn’t win a player.

      regarding ROSTER LIMIT BUG –
      Rosters went over the limit due to trades in DFWC. No trade should be allowed which puts a team over legal roster limits.

      Other bugs reported

      1. Trading on Mobile – Players reported bugs when trying to select more than 1 player/pick from the other team.
      2. Consistent issues with updating trade block on non-desktop platforms.
      3. People still report their inability to stay logged in. Let’s take a long hard look at session cookies and time limits and what causes this to happen. mac/chrome and iphone for sure.
      4. Clicking on 2017 and 2016 teams from their my teams page, many people are stating they are seeing, “You are not logged in”. I just tested it myself and it did show the You are not logged in message. (non dynasty league)


      1. Remove the Fulltime Fantasy banner completely.
      2. Reinstate trade module on all DFWC league home pages.
      3. Reinstate Message Board module on all DFWC league home pages.
      4. Restore DFWC Archive links to current DFWC Home page so that players can access their past year’s leagues from their league page.
      5. Reinstate the MY LINEUPS PAGE
      6. Reinstate the Drat Status update on the My Teams Page — You’re on the Clock – or “Youre up in 10 picks”
      7. Reinstate the live scoring updates on the My Teams page. Keep it simple don’t need team names. YOU – 150 240 PMR – THEM 125 175 PMR (player minutes remaining) _ ESPN even provides projected score, and you had that at one time, it was great.
      8. Fix Last XX weeks dropdown on the Player Stats Page
      9. Fix ALL MY TEAMS link so that players can go back to their my teams page for easy access to their additional leagues. Without this, they must go all the way back to their dashboard.
      10. Reinstate Power Ranking module on all DFWC league home pages.


      1. Add an Email all button for DFWC leagues so that players can quickly email everyone a trade offer.
      2. There should be an Injured Reserve Status list available for all players to view at all times. This report should only list QB, RB, WR and TE positions and current year injured reserve players.
      3. There should be an alert when we remove someone from the official IR list that players cannot submit a lineup without fixing their IR positions and first removing a player from IR.
      4. There should be an alert when someone is over the roster size count allowed. They cannot submit a lineup without fixing their roster size and first dropping a player.
      5. Build out a master trade page so that players can see the trades happening from all leagues on one page, sorted by most recent.
      6. Build out player pages so that they provide such info as height, weight, age at minimum. Include a photo from the library previously provided.
      7. Redo player news from scratch. We will find a new news partner for this or create our own.
      8. On standings menu, remove % column.
      9. On standings menu, remove B column.
      10. Need to help re-design live scoring page.
      11. Remove change email link completely that points to (this is found under Edit Team Info page)
      12. Include Weeks 1 and 2 on the Head to Head matchups list. Simply by providing their score vs the 6th ranked score because if you make or tie the top 6, it’s a win.
      13. Submit a lineup for any team that hasn’t submitted one and email the owner in question. This should be done at an early AM time on Sunday morning, say 4am eastern, but again, only for teams that don’t have lineups submitted for the week or for teams that don’t have a valid kicker or defense in their lineup but they have one on their roster.
      14. On the MOBILE starting lineup page, A counter when you’re submitting your lineups, right below the menu buttons on the left hand side, , 1, 2, 3 etc.. so you know how many more you still need to go because you can’t see the roster slots without scrolling back up to the top.
      15. On the rosters page,
      a Adding the # of players on IR to the little roster grey bar after DF.
      b Change UT to FLX –
      c remove the words “hereisthesalaryrecap”
      16. Work with tech on finalizing World Rankings player data to be ready for Summer launch.

      Work with team members that have web design experience on general design improvements.

      CLEAN UP 2017 and archive access – players take pride in looking back at past year’s

      1. Fix consolation button on 2017 dfwc leagues (broken again, can’t click on it)
      2. On archived leagues (2017etc) Fix the LINEUP button so players can see who had who. See screenshot that shows blank team lineups).

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      One thing I would like to add…a blinking alert for a trade on “My Team Page”.
      I like the blinking Trade alert once I am click into the League.
      I would like that expanded one step and put the blinking alert under “My Team Page”
      For Instance maybe “DFWC:42” would blink, if there is a trade offer. It would help figure out when a trade is being offered. I know an e-mail gets sent, just with so many teams it would make trading easier.
      Thanks Scott

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      FYI – the “Dynasty Message Borad” link does not take you to the new Forum page

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        Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

        Thanks for reporting. We’ll get that fixed!

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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      Let’s look to make sure these were done correctly.

      From tech, Things done so far:
      —DONT ALLOW A BID IF TEAM IS OVER ROSTER LIMIT ALREADY — warning message so you’re not caught with your pants down.
      —REMOVE UNLOGGED IN MESSAGE ON ARCHIVED LEAGUES — it should see you as logged in when you view an archived league.
      —REMOVE FFTIME BANNER – it should now display ScoutFantasySports.
      —REINSTATE POWER RANKING MODULE ON DFWC LEAGUES — These are fun, but sometimes painful to look at.
      —REMOVE SALARY AMOUNT FROM ROSTERED PLAYERS — Let’s hope this stays away.
      —EMAIL ALL BUTTON ON DFWC LEAGUES SO THEY CAN COMMUNICATE — New Feature for easy communication.
      —FIX CONSOLATION BUTTON ON DFWC LEAGUES – Should be able to view old leaderboards no problem.
      —WORK WITH STEVE TO CLEAN UP SITE DESIGN — better site design can’t hurt.
      —REMOVE HEREISTHESALARYCAP – removing random text that just floats out there.
      —CHANGE UT TO FLEX – Good, we don’t use the word “utility” , we use “Flex”
      —FIX SMALL STANDINGS TO REFLECT ONLY 13 WEEKS – by small, he means mobile. It was displaying 16 weeks of points for 13 games.
      —STANDINGS MENU REMOVE % COLUMN – Good, just clutter, now we have room for some goodies.
      —STANDINGS MENU REMOVE B COLUMN – Good, just clutter, see above.

      More to come.

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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      Update #2 – More completed tasks

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      is there something wrong with logging into the site. When i got to the player dashboard and click login i don’t get a login prompt, just a cant reach this page.

      I’ve tried with a couple different devices and cant do either

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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      Adding to the list:

      Once you trade away a player, any trades that involve that player or pick need to be deleted from proposed offers. (this was fixed previously)

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      For fantasy league drafts there needs to be a clock that locks in the start time of the draft when all 12 people have filled it.

      If a draft is supposed to start at 10:00 but is not full it gets bumped up a half hour to 10:30 on the sign up page.

      So the clock new start time on the sign up is 10:30.

      If that league fills the new start time should be 10:30 as listed on the sign up page.

      Commissioners have been starting drafts early in these cases without having all 12 owners agreeing.

      I have signed up as 11th or last person at 10:12 and the draft started at 10:15 instead of 10:30 as stated.

      This has happened multiple times with excuse ranging from computer glitch, I am tired and running  3 drafts and do not have the time to address this and the Scott is my boss and he told me to start it right away.

      All I am asking is that you site starts a draft when your sign up page says the draft will start.

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      Two more things

      No drop button to get rosters 20 players

      Under menu to get back to my teams…. All my teams link is not working

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        Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

        Thanks for adding to the list kind sir.

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      Being able to move leagues up or down in My Teams page, currently doesn’t work.

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        AvatarThe Fantasy Forum

        Noticed the leagues can’t be moved up or down in the My Teams page as well Medic.

        Also, some Trade Notes are not being sent/received. At times, the Trade Note box says “null”.

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      AvatarThe Fantasy Forum

      Trade Emails not being received, upon completion or even offers last couple days.

      Additionally, site says 1st Cutdown is April 30th, Monday. Within weeks, will the Add/Drop Button be available soon?

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      trades that i offer do not show up on the web site.  i now have 2 offers that i made and are outstanding but not shown anywhere.  however, if someone offers me a trade both trade offers, mine and his, show up on trade page.

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      all goos, i now see the review trades tab

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      draft starts in less than 2 days.  but, how do i get to the draft room?  ok i found it.  there’s a new tab on the left side


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      Was anything ever done to address having to Log In every time I visit the site? I have to click 6 different links EVERY time I want to get to my league. It is enough to keep me from more leagues.

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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      Hi Jack,

      Sorry we missed this note. We cannot duplicate this issue and need as many details about this as possible.

      It should work like this:

      Visit your Player Dashboard (log in)

      Bookmark this site. As long as you have cookies enabled in your browser, it should save your password.

      You then click MY TEAMS and are taken directly to your MY TEAMS page. It’s one click to get to your my teams page.

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      I’m noticing that during slow drafts that when a player is picked via auto pick an email isn’t being sent out.

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