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    Got a trade in the works. 12 team keeper league. I am not competing for this year as I gave up this years draft picks to win last year. I can keep up to 3 players and only players I’m keeping this year is kamara and Boyd. I can get K Golladay for a 4th rounder. It would also cost me an 8th rounder which is where I would keep him. Next year he would be a 6th rounder then 4th round the next. Is this worth it? Thinking about pulling the trigger as I am out for this year. What’s yalls thoughts? Thanks for all the help

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    Dr. Roto
    Dr. Roto

    Hey there, I like Golladay as a player, but I don’t love the Lions offense in general. Who else could you get in the 4th round? What types of receivers are available? If It’s a solid player, I am not sure I make the deal. If it’s a crappy guy I would.

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    Not sure who will be available as keepers have not been finalized. I’m sure Guys like kupp/juju/robert woods/etc will be kept. Will find out soon as keepers will be finalized then. Some of the rbs that we’re late rd picks That are going early I’m sure will be kept. Wish I had more of a definite answer

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