New Dispersal Draft Format

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    <u>New Dispersal Draft Format</u>

    Based on the emails I exchanged with the commissioner in early February, I learned that the current dispersal draft system is practically unusable, and in fact has never been employed by any DFWC teams. The commissioner mentioned a possible new system that could be employed if multiple teams in a single league became available, but that seems to be another rule that will almost never be used since leagues seem to rarely have 3 or more vacancies.

    I believe that the goal of a rule like this is to increase playability and competitive balance of all teams in the DFWC without penalizing the successful teams for doing a good job of dynasty building. Therefore, I propose the following idea for a Dynasty orphan dispersal draft:

    • The option will be available from the time orphans go on sale until <u>at least 2 weeks BEFORE the first cut down date</u>.
    • Once a new orphan owner has selected this option, the other teams in the league will be notified and will have 6 days FROM THE TIME THE LEAGUE IS FULL to decide to join the dispersal draft if they wish. The Draft will take place after the end of that 6 day waiting period.
    • The dispersal draft will be 20 rounds. The timer on the dispersal draft can be set to force a quicker finish if the 1<sup>st</sup> cut down day is approaching soon.

    One of the big changes that will be made in this new dispersal draft format is the scope of the player pool for the draft. The problem is to provide the maximum opportunity to acquire talent, while not depleting the available talent pool too much prior to the rookie/FA draft that will happen soon after 1<sup>st</sup> cut down. I believe that the following rules straddle that line admirably:

    • The available draft pool will be All of the players (including IR players) from the team or teams that opt to participate in the dispersal draft and all of the FAs available in that league. NO 2019 ROOKIES since they will be available in the upcoming rookie draft.
    • The availability of FAs in this draft will affect the upcoming Rookie/FA Draft talent pool less than one might expect because the dispersal draft will happen BEFORE the 1<sup>st</sup> cut down day, when the better free agents are released by teams due to roster constraints. These choice FAs will be reserved for the Rookie/FA draft.
    • Another change from the existing rules is that Draft Picks will NOT be included in the dispersal draft. Rookie draft picks are one of the key components to rebuilding/ reorganizing a struggling dynasty franchise, so the possible loss of picks is a deterrent to any team opting into a dispersal draft. Allowing the retention of these picks will encourage participation in a dispersal draft. It could be argued that not including draft picks could encourage a team to trade away all of its assets for picks, then use the dispersal draft to acquire other assets while retaining all of the picks amassed. However, the initial call for a dispersal draft in a league can only be made by the new owner of an orphan. That would make such a dump and draft strategy very difficult to pull off.
    • Finally, this particular dispersal draft format has the advantage that it wouldn’t preclude the “3 or more” orphan dispersal draft method suggested by the commissioner. If the conditions existed to set up a draft like his existed, then that would be something that would be set up before the sale of the orphans in that league.
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    Scott Atkins
    Scott Atkins

    Great suggestion. This probably solves what we were attempting to do with the dispersal draft to begin with.

    I think a way to accomplish is after we have all 12 team owners confirmed and paid in a league, we offer the dispersal draft option, like you said, for a limited time.

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