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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      Okay, I can take it. Let me have it.

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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      Wow, the first Dynasty 75 Startup filled in less than 24 hours? Let’s keep it rollin!


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      Hey Scott…when will the Dynasty King be announced?

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      Are we going to go to 22 players on the roster this year?


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      are we going to get a COVID IR spots for players that are out for 2 to 3 weeks in additional to our regular IR spots

      thanks Bud johnson

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      devin funchess opted out but isn’t eligible for Injured Reserve. Please advise!

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      When will the players that were cut to get to team level of 20, be placed in FA pool for FAAB on  Friday the 28th?

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      can we bump up the roster # for the covid, 2 more would be nice, IR or active.


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      Will Dissly is showing as IR on the league software but only questionable elsewhere. He was IR/PUP last season. Could use an answer before waivers on Friday night.

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      What happens for non compliance to 21 man roster limits? I have sent a message and posted on league chat  to no avail.

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      Because no action was being taken to penalize those who refused to follow the cut down rules, several problems emerged.

      1. Some players were cut or traded after the deadline.Basically, the people who were breaking the rules were given a free pass to gain extra time for their moves while the rest of us were penalized that time because WE FOLLOWED THE RULES. Bad behavior needs to be penalized, not rewarded.
      2. Since some players waited to make their cuts, the players were dropped too late to be a part of the Preseason bidding, once again penalizing the players who did follow the rules.
      3. Finally, some players (Ex. “Hall of Fame GM” – a complete misnomer) in DFWC 45 became aggressive and nasty when called out for their rules violations. It needs to be made clear to them that they broke the rules and have no right insulting others and complaining when they are caught violating the rules.

      This is a money game. Yes it is supposed to be fun, but when players are free to violate the rules because they are not penalized for the infraction, those who follow the rules are left feeling that the fun is removed because they playing field is not level. I would be willing to bet that if failing to cut to 21 (including IR) meant that the player in question would lose a draft pick, EVERYONE would make sure that they did it properly. The rule was posted BEFORE the NFL draft. Everyone had ample time. There is no reason that this should be the huge issue that it has become – an issue that came up in the MAJORITY of the 29 DFWC leagues that I am currently playing in now. Enforcement of this rule, and the penalties for violating it, need to be strengthened to put and end to this problem.

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      Hi Scott,

      I have emailed you at about 5 different emails I have for you regarding a continuous occurrence that has gone on for years (usually by the same clowns).

      Your system seems to have no control over players who keep illegal rosters, namely leaving players on IR that are no longer on the NFL IR or on your list of IR eligible players.  Your system does not automatically remove these players from IR and force the team owner to either acy=tivate the player and drop someone or drop the formerly IR’d player.  The same issue has been reported to you and your so-called “help” link that nobody responds to year I and year out.  The league is DFWC-50.  the team is Pretty Boy Assasins and the player was David Njoku.  Who was activated last Saturday, but he kept him on IR until today, when another one of his players (Darrynton Evans) was given the IR designation, so he just then swapped the two players status, when he should have been forced to make a roster move last Saturday.  People do this so they don’t have to drop a player.  You need to make it so your system automatically removes their player from IR status and gives them too many active players to force the move.  as I mentioned, this owner and a couple others pull this crap every year and every year I report it to you.  Please respond to emails and your “help” link in the future and please fix the software issue. Yes I am frustrated with your customer service and your negligence to fix issues like this.  Most play by the rules, others you are allowing to break the rules.  Not fair and unacceptable.  Thank you



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      I was offered a trade from another team but the site won’t let it go through because the error message says it gives the offering team too many players. I would think the trade should go through and then after the trade was completed then the offering team would need to cut down before they can make any other actions like waiver clams or setting lineups. As I recall in the past I was able to make other trades that gave my team or another team an over the limit roster. What has changed?

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      I’d like to report tanking in the DFWC – 17. In week 9 the Trini Rebel team benched Stefon Diggs and started Deebo Samuel. Smauel has been on the COVID list the past two weeks!

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      there is a bug with trading.  If you put in comments after you have added draft picks to the trade the draft picks disappear from the trade.


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