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      Hey Guys,

      Do I pick up Mark Andrews with OJ Howard on my roster for depth and to block him from my opponents? Hated that OJ fumbled and 2 TD’s went to Brate (although called back) I think this guy (Andrews) is the real deal and amazed he is still on waivers. I can start 2 TE’s if I want to (one at TE position,  one at Flex)

      If so who do I drop – Royce Freeman (never good to drop a RB), Mike Williams (Knee), Justice Hill (Have Ingram)? If I lose out on the Andrews, I can look for Herndon in a few weeks too as he is still on waiver due to his suspension.

      Thoughts and Thank you.

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      Shawn ChildsShawn Childs

      Andrews looked good, but the Ravens won’t throw the ball a ton this year. In shallow leagues (16 roster slots), it’s tough to carry two TEs especially after placing an early pick in Howard.

      The health of Williams’s knee is your only move, and we don’t know his status yet.

      The Ravens played their best game of the year throwing the ball vs. a team that game-planned to stop the running of Jackson.

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