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      This is a PPR league my lineup will include Jimmy G. QB, Elliott RB, Mike Evans WR, Emmanuel Sanders WR, Adam Thielen  WR, I can add either a RB or another WR to my lineup these are the players I have on my bench that I’m thinking about Chris Thompson RB, Mike Williams WR, Corey Davis WR.  I also need one TE I have Trey Burton, Ricky Seals-Jones, and David Njoku for me I think it’s between Burton and RSJ  Burton is ranked higher but I don’t think there is very much difference in points projected between the two I do think that RSJ has a higher ceiling this week and for that reason I would lean more towards him.  What are your thoughts thanks in advance

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      Shawn ChildsShawn Childs

      The lack of playing time in the preseason gave Fantasy owners no information to base the true value of Thompson heading into 2018. I always shy away from players coming off injuries, but it looks like it’s a mistake in this case. In his first game this year, Thompson looked electric. He gained 128 combined yards with one TD and six catches while receiving only 11 touches. The Redskins had him on the field for 33 of 79 plays while playing from the lead. The Colts struggled to defend Joe Mixon in the passing game (5/54 on seven targets). Based on chances, Chris is overpriced this week. Washington won’t give him many carries on early downs meaning his opportunity to produce a winning score will come in the passing game. Favorable matchup, but his salary requires much more success than expected in Week 2. His higher price point will make him a lower percentage own.

      Davis missed practice this week with a hamstring issue, which puts him at risk on Sunday. The target plate in Tennessee is cleared for a huge run by Corey with Delanie Walker out for the season. Davis has the talent to be an impact player, and opportunity is calling his name. His next step is proving his worth on the field. Last week he caught six of his 13 targets for 62 yards. The Texans don’t have a CB on the roster with elite value, but Corey still needs better QB play to have success. An excellent chance at double-digit targets with the talent to shine. Worth a ticket or two.

      Williams had WR4 snaps (44 of 82) for the Chargers in Week 1, but he did flash his potential upside. He caught five of his six targets for 81 yards. Travis Benjamin has a foot issue heading into Sunday, which gives Mike a bump already in playing time. His next step is passing Tyrell Williams in the depth chart. CB Phillip Gaines can’t matchup with Williams. I benched him in all my season-long leagues, but I do believe this matchup is favorable. I need to see more playing time while knowing he’ll be a top two options at WR in the Chargers’ passing game. Explosive option who will score 30+ Fantasy points in a couple of games in 2018.

      I would play Davis.

      I don’t have a writeup for Burton, but I would start him.

      Seals-Jones had a favorable matchup in Week 1, but he delivered a losing score (3/19 on six targets). Arizona had him on the field for 92 percent of their plays, which is a big improvement from last year. The Rams gave Jared Cook plenty of space in Week 1, which led to a nice game (9/180 on12 targets). LA was league average defending TEs in 2017 with one bad game (PHI – 6/76/3). I’d love to say success by Cook points to winning game by RSJ, but he doesn’t have the same skill set at this point of his career. Sam Bradford needs to play better, which will be a tough task with the Rams attacking the QB position. If you must…

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