Lineup violations

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    <u>Lineup violations</u>

    The current system for addressing lineup violations is neither efficient nor fair. In the 18 DFWC leagues I am in, 14 different teams finished the season in violation of this rule. That is simply too many violators. Because of the uneven reporting and enforcement, as well as the lack of any significant penalties for constant/repeat offenders, I recommend a multifaceted fix for the problem.

    • Have a special dedicated email address for players to report lineup violations. Make it clear that any reports received prior to the Friday FA deadline will be deleted. Make sure that it is checked and addressed on Saturday, prior to any NFL games.
    • Everyone makes an occasional mistake, but some people are chronic violators of the rules. For those who break the rules over and over again, I propose the following system for each separate team:
      1. First Offense: Player dropped and another added by the administrator for the cost of 1 FAAB dollar.
      2. Second Offense: Player dropped and another added by the administrator for the cost of 10 FAAB dollars.
      3. Third offense: Player dropped and another added by the administrator for the cost of 100 FAAB dollars.

    If the player is out of FAAB for any of the 1<sup>st</sup> three penalties, the proceed to the 4<sup>th</sup> offense penalty.

    1. Fourth Offense: Player dropped and another added by the administrator for the cost of a 6<sup>th</sup> Round Pick.
    2. Fifth Offense: Player dropped and another added by the administrator for the cost of a 5<sup>th</sup> Round Pick. Also at this point, the administrator should have a frank discussion with the chronic offender about the possibilities of more dire consequences if the behavior continues.

    An alternative option has been gaining popularity in the Fantasy Football community for some time. ELIMINATE THE PK AND DEF/ST positions entirely. Since both positions are notoriously unpredictable from year to year, many feel that they do not accurately reflect player skill and are more a product of blind luck. Since most non-compliant DFWC rosters seem to involve these two positions, it could solve a large percentage of these problems. If player pool size/availability is a concern, the fix would be to reduce active roster sizes to 18 plus 3 IR.

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    Scott Atkins
    Scott Atkins

    Great suggestions Ray. Thanks for the feedback.

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    If one is out of FAAB, how would this work?  I had a team with two TEs that were out for the year.  If penalties are to be imposed, picking up players with no FAAB should be allowed imo…

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    btw, I actually tried to make a trade to get a TE, even though we were “out of it”, but to no avail…

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    I get why you should have a kicker and defense through week 13 so its fair to every team that they try their best and not give up or give an easy win, but after week 13 why do all teams need to have kicker and defense? For the teams that didnt make the playoffs i feel they should be allowed to start looking forward to next season. They didnt make the playoffs and could use the help (2 additional players). By that time of the season its not big name players in the FA pool anyway.
    I am 100% for getting rid of kicker and defense by the way

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    One problem with Kyle’s position of eliminating Kickers and Defense, is that it exacerbates the issue of managers dumping their rosters to achieve a better draft slot at seasons end. This is similar to the practice of some managers taking advantage of the loop hole of not having a K and/or Def prior to the season and grabbing them on final FA acquisition before week 1. Obvious advantage is to roster 2 additional players through final pre-season game and for some additional  abatement of risk injury. The FFWC needs to enforce Best Ball scoring for those teams not making the playoffs for weeks 14-16, and include Kickers and Defense. Actually stiffer rules than proposed above would fix the problem better.

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    It cant effect draft position if you keep a kicker and defense through week 13. Draft slots are already decided after week 13.
    I am one of the many teams that pick up a kicker and defense right before the season starts. I feel its a fair trade off to keep a top defene or kicker instead of 2 additional plyers that have upside. There are some kickers and defenses that typically score more and are more consistent and I feel they give a slight advantage to the teams that have them rather than stream every week. In leagues where i have Greg Zuerlein i wont be dropping him for an upside player. Getting rid of kickers and defense would eliminate this issue altogether.

    I also feel you cant completely control whether a team wants to retool or not by dumping players for different players in the free agent pool. If they want to start over its their decision. Paying a higher deposit or all of next seasons fees may eliminate people from dumping players or least limit the amount of people that do. Lots of leagues i see pay the current year and following as well just in case a team is abandoned after their failed attempt to rebuild and left for someone else to take over.

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