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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      Lamar Jackson haters, wake up. He ran for more yards than Saquon Barkley each of the last two seasons. 3,200 yards.
      He terrifies defenses.
      He’s the ultimate weapon.
      Passing stats? Glad you asked. Notice the gradual improvement in accuracy with less weapons at wr and te.

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      Matt De LimaMatt De Lima

      Invoking the name of Saquon Barkley is sacrilege.

      Jackson has just about everything going for him though except accuracy and top-flight mechanics. I won’t be rooting against him, I just am always skeptical of dual threat QBs and I wasn’t even very high on Tyrod coming out college and he was without a doubt the right kind of player who was old school in his work ethic and “no sir, yes sir”, team leader type attitude. One thing I will say is Louisville football was not especially great these last couple years and as you probably noticed, Jackson was basically a one-man wrecking crew. So maybe with some actual talent around him, especially with an offensive line worth a damn, he can make something of himself. I think he’s a third-rounder.

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      I think Jackson will be drafted in the second round.

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      Dr. RotoDr. Roto

      Scouts are saying that he reminds them of Kordell Stewart. is that a good thing or bad??

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        Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

        I think it’s appropriate but Lamar is way more dangerous. Hes twice the athlete in the run game as Kordell. I think back to how Kordell changed the game. He definitely has that ability, and defenses will need to learn to adjust in the same way they eventually did for Kordell. Then Vick entered the game and there was no answer for him in his prime. That’s what I see for Lamar. Think RG3 before the injury took away his speed, only thinner, taller and faster than either.

        Vick 6-0 210
        RG3 6-2 220
        Lamar 6-3 211

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