Get rid of head 2 head and go to all-play. Strength of Schedule is a real metric

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      After 10 weeks my team is a BEAST!!!! Unfortunately it took 7 weeks to come together because of a holdout and injuries. We need to get rid of head to head and go 11 weeks of all play. Strength of schedule is a real metric that I have tracked for years. It is real and it does affect the outcome of leagues. The only way to overcome this unfair bias is to buy 100 teams like Chad. For us non propped up players that is not a reality since we are actually buying our own teams. I have outscored all teams 2 weeks in a row and my team would thrive in the playoffs but unfortunately will never get there. Please change the format so we don’t continue to reward propped players who buy 50+ teams or lets do a single entry tourney and determine a real champion.

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      Shawn ChildsShawn Childs

      Well, a single entry tournament isn’t going to draw a huge prize in the current environment of the high-stakes market.

      Each Fantasy football season in the season-long contests, there are three parts to the season – regular season, league playoff, and overall championship playoffs. A team must have success early to make it a step further down line in the season. Finding a balance between running straight points and H2H matchups have always been tricky for contests makers. All play is built on helping the best teams, which is the same idea behind awarding playoff spots to the highest-scoring teams.

      Head-to-head matches add a level of team management while also being in the luck factor of injuries, schedule, and bye weeks. What it does do well is keep more teams in the hunt longer, which sometimes at the expense of a good team that had bad timing with its schedule or had some big high scoring wins and narrow losses helping in total points but not in record.

      I’m not sure the Chad equation is an unfair bias. If he buys 100 team and ponies up $150,000 and you enter one team for $1,500, who has more risk and who has more reward? Sure, he’ll have more shots at getting it right, but his breakeven point is much higher while taking on plenty of risk if he has a bad season. Ultimately, the winner of an overall championship is the owner who has the best draft within his league while adding success in team management and staying healthy.

      In your example, your team struggled for half of the regular season while peaking over the last month, will that team continue a high-level push in Week 14 thru 16? I always say I don’t want my big week wasted early in the year. I want to trend water while hoping to get hot in the championship round. If I own one team, that may happen once in my Fantasy career. Chad needs it to happen once every few years to win any overall prize and win impact dollars to support his investment model.

      For the record, there are caps now on the number of entries and an owner can buy-in overall contest to help take away the “buy the title theory”.


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