FFWC 2020?

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      Mr. LandryMr. Landry

      Is the FFWC going this year?  Will there be live drafts?  Unless I’m looking in the wrong place, I haven’t seen anything.  And if there have been announcements, can someone point me in the direction to follow them?


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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      Hey bud. Hoping to finalize and announce soon. The last update was emailed and posted at the lobby. It can be found here:

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      Just bringing this back up to see if we can get some additional information on the upcoming season.

      Scott – If you don’t have definite answers, we will understand, but some better picture of when we will know what is going on would be appreciated.


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      The wait is killing me

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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      Killing us too. I can tell you this. Sports Illustrated is heavily invested and interested in promoting the World Championship and our amazing community of players.

      We at Fulltime are still running and controlling the World Championships. Integration is never easy.

      We hate that our players are missing out on valuable draft time when their preparation pays off against their opponents, but things will get back to normal soon.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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