Favorite draft slot this year?

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      What is your favorite draft slot this year?


      I like #4.  You get of the stud rb’s and a slightly better pick coming back in the 2nd.

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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      Interested to see the replies to this as I have watched a bunch of drafts this year and see good teams all around. I think the middle is the best place to be free of ADP thought control. I don’t mind ADP helping guide you to which players WON’T be available when you come back, but that’s about it. If you want a guy, overpay, don’t let ADP control you.

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      Dr. RotoDr. Roto

      4 seems like the obvious choice considering it guarantees you a top RB. I have learned over the years that there really are no bad draft slots, just bad drafts.  You can win from anywhere if you take the right guys.

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      I’ll take the ace, love the value that’ll “likely” fall back time and time again

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      Depth seems to be the most I’ve ever seen, so I agree with the Doc that a good team can be drafted from any spot.  I think strategy can be altered based on where one is drafting and like Scott says, if you like a guy, you can’t worry about “value”.  All that said, I kinda like drafting near the turns.  Ten/eleven and two/three have a bit of additional strategy with your fellow drafters, imo.  It’s just fun to be talking about drafting again!

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