Dynasty Injured Reserve Spot Rules Clarification

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      My understanding of the rules for the IR spots is that they are not available until after the 2nd cutdown (after week three of the preseason).  If so, teams must chose to either cut a player from their roster that is injured in the preseason (actually any time after the draft) or carry them until after the cutdown and then place them on the IR and waive another player on their roster to get down to 20.  Seems unfair…  Is this a correct interpretation of the rules?

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      Can someone out there give some clarification?



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      Another IR question while we are at it. I moved Guice to IR unaware that you can’t trade IR players. I have a deal in the works and need to activate him and the software won’t let me. Any suggestions on how to activate a player from IR. I tried doing it from the Add/Drop page with no luck.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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