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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      What a busy week! I know you guys have been chompin at the bit, and we have too. We carefully considered all of the suggestions and survey results we received. It is very important to us to hear from you and carefully look at each element of our contest and how we can improve it for all. We were very concerned about the fact that a very low percentage of you expressed interest in a new startup this year, (I know how dynasty fatigue feels). I also know that we all get the fever at some point for a startup, so we’re banking on you changing your minds, but we do have serious reservations about pushing too hard on the prize pool, especially considering that we handed out over $10,000 in league discounts last year to orphans, (ouch) but hey, we still want to make this the best DFWC year ever. We pride ourselves on the fact we have NEVER had to shut a league down. That’s a testament to you! This is our 6th year and we wanted to nail down some big time improvements to the contest that we think you guys will be excited about. So let’s get to it. Here we go…

      1. Dynasty Trade Future Year Deposit – We will no longer require the additional $4.95 software and compliance fee towards your deposit in order to trade a future pick. We have this fixed (or soon will) so you only have to pay your $100 deposit to trade future picks.

      2. Future pick deposit required – No longer will we require a deposit for trading 3rd – 6th round Future picks. Only 1st or 2nd round picks. This should encourage much better trading and more trading. Now don’t go off and give them all away just to get a guy. Carefully spread them out and use these as tools to your advantage!

      3. Future pick deposit required – No longer will we require a deposit for trading away someone else’s 1st or 2nd round pick, only YOUR original pick will you owe your deposit. — Now when you acquire someone’s 1st round pick, you can leverage it and trade it away in a bigger deal without the need to come out of pocket with your deposit.

      4. League Prizes – Tough to move here, but we found a way. The cash value of prizes has increased slightly by $50 in each league!
      4a. 1st place cash value down from $1,400 to $1,300 (but still includes an OPTIONAL World Championship Entry)
      4b. Regular Season Best record/most points prizes down from $200 to $150. With more growth, and good retention, these can get back to $200 each next season.
      4c. Increased 2nd place prize from $400 to $500. 2nd place is a HUGE accomplishment and now at $500, or with reg season prizes $650 or even $800, a 2nd place team FEELS like a 2nd place team, especially in leagues with a strong contender who grabs the sweep. $500 is a 25% improvement over the past.
      4d. NEW! – Added a 3rd place league prize of $150 <----- This was a BIG goal of ours and one we wish we had thrown in the survey. (our apologies as this was simply an oversight on our part, but it was a consistent request we have heard over the years so we're confident it will be well received! We saw so many good teams get NOTHING and this leads to a bad experience and high turnover. 3rd place deserves something, especially when a good team does well in the regular season but has bad luck down the stretch. Now $450 is possible with a sweep. Some of you good teams may feel you're getting a cut, but trust us when we say, you'll thank us later. Bad luck happens to everybody and 3rd place comes in handy.
      We feel these league changes will create a better, flatter, fairer payout while still rewarding the top teams by increasing the championship round. These changes should lead to better retention for all leagues so you can stick together.

      5. Championship Round prizes have increased over $2,000!
      3rd place overall from $1,250 to $1,500
      4th place overall from $1,000 to $1,250
      5th place overall from $750 to $1,000
      7th place overall from $500 to $750
      8th place overall from $500 to $750
      11th place overall from $250 to $500
      12th place overall from $250 to $500

      6. Consolation prizes have added an additional $299 in prizes.

      Orphan process will begin and we will be sending out a google doc for you to make your intention known whether you’ll be coming back or not. Tomorrow will be an exciting day! I do have a doctor’s checkup at 11am (annual checkup), so wish me luck. Pretty happy about the scale, but hoping my keto life will help the blood sugar and fatty liver. Let’s goo!!!

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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      New Feature! – Email All option. For quick access to a league wide email.

      I used to do this back in my active dynasty days. When I was ready to move on from a guy, I would literally send a trade offer to all 11 teams. I would then publicize the fact that I had just done this to the other 11 league mates with an email or league post and say the first one that clicks accept gets him!

      This would ALWAYS result in a quick ACCEPT. I think it had something to do with the psyche that this trade wouldn’t last long and if I wanted it I better hurry.


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