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    NFC West Post Draft June 2018

    What’s up Scout Army?!?!
    This is absolutely the Rams division to lose this year. With their vast improvements on defense and with an offense that is looking to gel even more there should be no reason to believe otherwise. The 49ers will give it a try, but they are a year away from being serious contenders. The Cardinals and Seahawks have no shot this year.

    Arizona Cardinals
    HC: Steve Wilks (NEW)
    Tough year for the Cardinals as David Johnson went down right out of the gate. Then they had Carson Palmer go down and it became an absolute travesty what they had to roll out at both quarterback and running back. Larry Fitzgerald showed that he never gets old and was the most consistent offensive piece they had. The defense was decent, not great and was hindered by an inept offense. They’ll look to rebound with a completely new coaching staff in 2018.

    OC: Mike McCoy (NEW)
    David Johnson is far and away the best offensive piece here. The only problem is that his offensive line is terrible, and he may have difficulties finding good running lanes this year. That should open him up to more pass attempts as the Cardinals will attempt to get him out into space. This might take away some targets from Larry Fitzgerald in the long run which one should expect with a 1st round fantasy talent like Johnson commanding the ball. Fitzgerald is going in either the 3rd or 4th rounds so far this year. I’d like to see him get more towards the end of the 4th or even 5th rounds if I were to grab him. Right now, I’m staying away for the most part. I have no interest in JJ Nelson and I am lukewarm on rookie Christian Kirk. I like the talent, but I don’t care for Sam Bradford who may crumble from the bad offensive line play. The TEs are also very meh to me.

    DC: Al Holcomb
    The defense has a couple of holes within their linebacking core and possibly with Golden on the defensive line, but otherwise solid. The main problem is that the offense could be shaky most of the season and put them in either a bad situation or wear them down by not being able to stay on the field.

    Los Angeles Rams
    HC: Sean McVay (11-5)
    What a difference a year made for Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams. Not having to deal with the big move to LA from St. Louis and getting rid of Jeff Fisher seemed to really help this team achieve more in year 2. A more consistent offense led by Todd Gurley helped to open the offense and take pressure off the defense. This allowed the defense to take advantage of turnovers by not being gassed by halftime which also allowed them to not be completely bludgeoned by games end.

    OC: Aaron Kromer/Shane Waldron
    Expecting the Rams to put out a similar output like last year. Yeah yeah yeah, I know. Todd Gurley is going to regress. He is still the top fantasy RB in my eyes regardless as he provides the most upside on the ground and through the air. Jared Goff is still being drafted late for what his production was last year. 10th round or later I am fine with Goff. I wouldn’t reach for him though. Brandin Cooks is being drafted too early for me this year and in this offense. I hear the BS that he is a better WR than the departed Sammy Watkins, but we heard similar things last year about Watkins. Cooks has been a late 3rd/early 4th rounder. I’d take him if he fell into the 5th round. 5th and 6th rounds seem to be Robert Woods’ spot with Cooper Kupp going two rounds later in the 7th to 8th rounds. I’m not touching the TE spot here as Higbee and Everett are going to be battling for targets all year long.

    DC: Wade Phillips
    This defense is going to be an absolute monster and I would try to grab any shares that I could this year before people catch on!

    San Francisco 49ers
    HC: Kyle Shanahan (6-10)
    I wonder where I start here?!?! The 49ers started off the 2017 in typical bottom of the barrel fashion. If there was a way to lose, they found it. At the trade deadline they decided to take a shot and traded with the Patriots for Jimmy Garoppolo and the offense started to take off. Now they weren’t completely efficient, but they did make everyone believe that they were going to be a competent offense heading into this season with folks even calling for a reappearance in the playoffs. The defense was terrible as predicted but held their own once the offense had the ability to keep them off the field.

    OC: Kyle Shanahan
    I’m digging the offense this year and I don’t give a shit who knows it! The offensive line has been improved and should provide Garopollo with even more time to complete passes to Garcon and Goodwin as well as to Kittle and McKinnon. Garopollo’s price has not been rising hardly at all as he is available around the 8th to 9th rounds in most drafts. I’ll take him there. Garcon and Goodwin have been forgotten about as well as they are going in the double-digit rounds with Garcon seeing some 8th to 9th round love.
    McKinnon is the one who’s ADP is through the roof right now. He’s not escaping the 2nd round right now and have heard of him going late in the 1st round as well. I’m not buying all the Matt Breida timeshare talk but would like to handcuff him to McKinnon late if I can. McKinnon is going to be a really important piece to holding this offense together. I almost forgot about Kittles & Bits at TE!! I would take a late flyer on him again in best ball but don’t feel it’s necessary to draft him in regular leagues.

    DC: Robert Saleh
    Improved from last year but is probably another year away from being a serious fantasy consideration.

    Seattle Seahawks
    HC: Pete Carroll (9-7)
    The sparkle has left this diamond as the Seahawks somehow salvaged a winning record, but they were dreadful. The offense had no flow whatsoever and even though Russell Wilson did all that he could to will his team to the playoffs the rest of the team just couldn’t pull it together. The influx of non-talent at running back certainly didn’t help and the wide receivers and tight ends couldn’t buy an open/good route to save their lives. The defense started to show its age as they finished just above the middle of the pack league wide in total defense.

    OC: Brian Schottenheimer (NEW)
    Talk about another useless coordinator hire! Boring as hell hire. The Seahawks got what they wanted for this offense with the drafting of Rashaad Penny who is currently a 3rd round fantasy RB. I love the talent of Penny, I really do. The problem is that his offensive line is dreadful, and he will be lucky to find a lot of room to run. I can’t take Penny as high as he’s currently going. I think this offense ends up reverting back to what it did last year. Russell Wilson bootlegging out of the “pocket” and throwing to his receivers. Penny is going to get the majority of carries but is also going to be asked to block a lot for Russ.
    Like I said I believe the ball is going to be moved by Russell Wilson. Whether that is with his arm or legs remains to be seen. Wilson is going around the 5th to 6th rounds this year. That’s a slight discount from last year. Don’t draft Brandon Marshall please! He sucks! Keep the focus on Doug Baldwin who should get the bulk of the targets again this year and is worth a 3rd or 4th round draft pick. I’m not falling for Tyler Lockett again this year. If it burns me, it burns me. I kind of like Ed Dickson at TE but am still not drafting him.

    DC: Ken Norton Jr. (NEW)
    The defense is not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Over the season though they might be overwhelmed by teams with high powered offenses. I’m taking a wait and see approach and don’t believe they will be hard to get during the year if they indeed are better than everyone thought.

    As always, any questions or comments leave them here or reach me on Twitter @roydawg_13
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