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    NFC South Post Draft June 2018

    What’s up Scout Army?!?!
    This is going to be another rough and tumble division race this year. All the teams can make a case that they are going to take the crown. That is except for Tampa Bay who rely on the douchiest QB in the league. Ultimate division again this year.

    Atlanta Falcons
    HC: Dan Quinn (10-6)
    The 2017 season on its front looked like a success. Even with a trip to the playoffs and a Wild Card win the offense lacked the explosiveness from the previous Super Bowl season of 2016. The defense played well at times but sputtered at times. It didn’t help with the switch at offensive coordinator with the loss of Kyle Shanahan to San Francisco, but this team isn’t dead yet.

    OC: Steve Sarkisian
    I’m going back to the well this year. I’m going to be taking a shot on the Falcons getting this offensive shit figured out with Sarkisian. No matter what you say about Julio Jones, him going in the 2nd round is fantastic value for a WR1. I will probably pump the brakes on Sanu although I do have some interest and focus on Calvin Ridley who you can get in the mid to late rounds and is a player who knows Sarkisian’s offense from his time at Alabama. Devanta Freeman is still going in the 2nd round and sometimes slips to the 2-3 turn which is an awesome spot to grab a guy who is highly productive when healthy. Tevin Coleman is still being snagged around the 5th round as a high-end backup while I’m holding off on Ito Smith who I believe will be Coleman’s replacement in 2019. No, I’m not on Austin Hooper so don’t ask me Hooper questions this year! Matt Ryan is getting drafted in the late rounds again and makes for a nice value QB who should produce QB1 numbers.

    DC: Marquand Manuel
    On paper they are solid. If the offense improves and can keep them off the field for long periods of time they should be fantasy viable. I would still probably wait to see if I like them or not.

    Carolina Panthers
    HC: Ron Rivera (11-5)
    Nice little rebound season for the Cats of Carolina. After a one season hiatus the Panthers made a return to the playoffs losing to the Saints in the Wild Card round. Somehow the mish mosh backfield worked out and the wide receiving core made Cam Newton have an almost 180-degree reversal of fortune. Hell, he even made it through the whole season without a significant injury. It will be interesting to see if they can build on the success or fall behind the rest of the NFC South pack.

    OC: Norv Turner (NEW)
    First things first. I like Cam Newton this year. I have no problem grabbing him if he falls to the 8th round in any draft and in the right situation I would even take him in the 7th round. BUT, I’m not as keen on taking his receiving targets outside of Greg Olsen but I’m not reaching for him in the 4th or 5th rounds. The problem lies in I don’t think there is going to be a dominate WR sucking up targets. Funchess working as the lead receiver also gives him the top corner matchup which depresses his upside. Torrey Smith is f’n garbage and always has been and DJ Moore is a rookie who doesn’t excite me nearly as much as he does for others. It’s the old “I’d rather just have the cook instead of the ingredients.” saying. Christian McCaffrey will be productive and is of course more viable in ppr formats where he is being drafted primarily in the late 2nd round/early 3rd round. CJ Anderson also has value as McCaffrey’s compliment in the backfield and can be had right now somewhere around the 10th round.

    DC: Eric Washington (NEW)
    I must hand it to the Panthers. At least they attempted to fix their defensive problems. The bad thing is that they didn’t fix their cornerback problem. Unless the new rookie Donte Jackson can solidify one side of the field this defense is screwed again through the air.

    New Orleans Saints
    HC: Sean Payton (11-5)
    Does everyone believe in the Saints defense now? Because it was hilarious that almost no one was on top of them with the moves the previous offseason. Also, how did Adrian Peterson work out for everyone? Not only was Ingram the more valuable running back when we had the debate last offseason, but Alvin Kamara was even better as the handcuff or wait and see prospect. I’ll give Steve Renner the credit for forcing me to take a harder look at Kamara last offseason and he was right. A lot of people within the industry didn’t want to take a shot on this backfield and it burned them in the end. It was unfortunate that they lost in the Divisional Round to the Minnesota Vikings because they would have taken down the Eagles and finished off the Patriots for the title in 2017.

    OC: Pete Carmichael Jr.
    I’m really hoping the Saints don’t try to change the formula of what worked last season. Running the hell out of the ball!! With the Mark Ingram suspension it will put more pressure on Alvin Kamara who should share some touches with Trey Edmunds while Ingram is out. Kamara is of course a 1st round pick this year which means you are paying a max price for his production. This is fine because he will provide that max value for you if he is healthy. Most folks have Ingram still going in the 6th round, but for me I’m not going to touch him unless he falls to the 8th round because I don’t want to pay the max for a player I’m not sure will even get all his touches back when he returns. Drew Brees is still going high around the 6th or 7th rounds and that is too much for me. If he was around the 9th or 10th rounds I’d be okay with it. But with the offense flowing through the backfield first I’m not going to pay the premium. Michael Thomas is of course a 1st round talent in an early 2nd round pick. Ted Ginn in the mid rounds is still viable, but he is getting older and it’s possible we see more Brandon Coleman. I like Ben Watson over Steve Renner’s favorite TE Josh Hill and you can get Watson for absolutely nothing.

    DC: Dennis Allen
    Should be another solid year for the Saints defense. Draft with confidence!

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    HC: Dirk Koetter (5-11)
    What a mess this team turned into after what was assumed to be the sneaky team of the division. “When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me!” Lesson learned as I fell into the Tampa Bay improvement narrative just like most. Famous Jamesis was fine for the most part outside of getting hurt during the season, but Mike Evans took an absolute dump on fantasy teams until it was too late because most of those teams were eliminated from the playoffs. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities for this team to improve, but when you’re trying to climb out of the basement anything helps.

    OC: Todd Monkin
    Way to go Jameis “sucks at life” Winston! Enjoy that 3 game suspension because you can’t be a decent human being! Good lord, with Winston’s suspension it has started tanking the draft stock of his receivers. Mike Evans can be taken in the 3rd and even 4th rounds right now. Are you serious? I know he had a terrible year last year but he’s a top talent and that is an incredible value for his upside. I’m not buying into DeSean Jackson this year. I can’t do it. Don’t @ me!!! I also have no interest in Adam Humphries or that darling 4th WR Chris Godwin. For the right value which would be late in drafts I have interest in OJ Howard and Cameron Brate, in that order, but will not reach for them. I’m not buying into this bullshit talk about Peyton Barber being the favorite to start at RB for the Bucs either. This is Ronald Jones’ job and if I can get him in the late 4th or 5th rounds I’m going to jump on it. He is a talented back who can play all three downs and the Bucs reached to get him.

    DC: Mike Smith
    The defense has improved from last year which isn’t saying much. All kidding aside this defense has acquired some pass rushers and, in the end, may be fantasy viable again. Wait and see how they gel in camp.

    As always, any questions or comments leave them here or reach me on Twitter @roydawg_13
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