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    NFC East Post Draft June 2018

    What’s up Scout Army?!?!
    Even though I believe there is only two teams in serious contention for the division we have seen in the past that this division usually goes down to the wire and all teams play each other hard. The Eagles and Giants will be the contenders with the Cowboys and Redskins being the pretenders this season. Should be another good fight for sure!

    Dallas Cowboys
    HC: Jason Garrett (9-7)
    What a difference a year made. The Cowboys quickly fell behind in 2017 due to regression on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. It would be too easy to blame the whole issue on the suspension of running back Ezekiel Elliott, but it did play its part. Zeke is the battery that makes this car run without a doubt, but it can also be chalked up as a failure by both players and coaches not stepping up to the plate. It was terrible that he was suspended, but it gave us a real look at the rest of the team’s true mental and physical nature. They were just not good! I’d expect this team to rebound in 2018 with a full season of Zeke……. Maybe!

    OC: Scott Linehan
    The offense begins and ends on the back of 1st rounder Ezekiel Elliott. Utilizing the massive strength they have in their offensive line the Cowboys would be wise to just let Zeke eat. It really is that basic because Dak Prescott has almost no one to throw to. I’m being a little harsh. They have brought in an often injured WR in Allen Hurns and drafted a wild card in Michael Gallup to go along with perennial retread Terrance Williams and the great white rapper MC Cole Beasley! I have almost no interest whatsoever in Williams or Beasley. I do have late round interest in Gallup who as of right now is Hurn’s backup. Hurns is the best WR option on this team and would make for a nice WR3 between the 8th and 10th rounds. Don’t even look at the TE spot here, but Prescott is a nice value option in the late rounds if waiting super late for your QB.

    DC: Rod Marinelli
    The defense isn’t that terrible on paper as I thought it would be. They still have a deficiency at the slot cornerback spot which I’m a little surprised they didn’t try to address in the draft. Outside of that they are pretty solid from front to back. The only issue they are going to run into is if the offense can’t sustain drives and keep the defense fresh. I’m currently not looking at them for seasonal leagues.

    New York Giants
    HC: Pat Shurmur (NEW) (3-13)
    Last season was a catastrophe for the Giants. This team just couldn’t keep anyone on the field and the talent behind the starters was weak. This still doesn’t excuse Ben McAdoo for being a bad Head Coach. He was just another example of another coach best suited to stay at a coordinator position.
    OC: Mike Shula (NEW)
    Such a bland coordinator choice with Shula. I get it though. Shurmur ran an offense in Minnesota that relied on a heavier RB usage to open up the passing game and that’s what they are going to try and do in New York. Saquon Barkley is their crown jewel at RB and is a mid-1st round fantasy pick this year. Improvements along the offensive line should help the rookie grind out yards and allow Manning time to throw to not only his WRs and TE but also to Barkley who is a good pass catcher. I will warn you that he does have some risk as he tended to be a boom or bust rusher at Penn State. Some will point to his offensive line as a problem, but he sometimes gave up on plays instead of pushing a pile or got caught trying to find the homerun play. He’s awesome don’t get me wrong. The coaches should coach the issues out of him and I have no problem drafting him where he is going.
    As far as the wide receivers go there is a discount on Odell Beckham right now where he is going around the 1-2 turn or even to the middle of the 2nd round. Sterling Shepard is slated as of now to play out of the slot, but I expect him to see plenty of outside work with Evan Engram getting some work out of the slot. Shepard and Engram are seeing some action around the 7th to 8th rounds. That area is perfectly fine as the discount from Beckham. I still am having a hard time buying into Manning, but if you believe in his receivers than you should believe he can get the job done as well. Super late in drafts QB.

    DC: James Bettcher
    Just an incredible amount of personnel turnover for this defense. Can these new pieces co-exist and blend together and form another solid and stable unit? It remains to be seen. If the Giants have truly fixed their offense and don’t have the defense sucking air for the whole second half of games, then yes. I’m taking a wait and see approach here and am eager to see if they have gotten it right.

    Philadelphia Eagles
    HC: Doug Pederson (13-3)
    Your 2017 Super Bowl Champion Eagles! Even after a season ending knee injury to quarterback Carson Wentz the Eagles did the improbable and beat the New England Patriots with a back up quarterback. It was truly an impressive feat and one that shouldn’t be forgotten about the importance of having a quality back up at QB. They did get pillaged this offseason, but that’s not to be unexpected. They even lost their offensive coordinator to the Colts where he became their new Head Coach. It’s tough to repeat, but they’re giving it a go in 2018.
    OC: Mike Groh (NEW)
    New coordinator? No problem! The only real issue here is if Carson Wentz is going to be able to start the season or sit out a couple extra weeks coming back from the late season ACL tear. Even with that concern it doesn’t affect the offense too much as Nick Foles showed he is capable of picking up the slack. Hopefully, the possibility of him not starting the season on time will keep his draft stock low, but he’s still getting drafted as a QB1 from what I’ve seen around the 9th or 10th round. I’d like to get a couple more round discount but may just have to suffer. Even with LeGarrette Blount gone to Detroit we still have a logjam at the RB position for the Eagles. It starts with Ajayi and flows to Clement and Sproles for the most part. I actually don’t want a piece of Ajayi as he is again going in the 3rd to 4th round and I can get a nice 7 to 8 round discount in Clement. I don’t trust Sproles at all as he is old and is coming back from injury.
    As far as the receiving targets go there are a couple different levels that you can look at for WR. At the top you have Alshon Jeffery who is going in the 4th round which I’m okay with but would like another round discount. Nelson Agholor is next up and he’s going around the 5th to 6th rounds. A lot of his value from last year is now gone at that price. The most interesting guy for me is Mike Wallace who takes over the Torrey Smith role. You can get him for a late round flyer pick. He’s always been a better best ball player though. Zach Ertz is in the top 3 for fantasy tight ends and typically doesn’t make it out of the 4th round if not the 3rd. Dallas Goedart has been a little late round darling in best ball, but I don’t see him having a consistent fantasy impact for your team.

    DC: Jim Schwartz
    Outside of a Super Bowl hangover I would expect this unit to be solid again this season. They lost a few of their key pieces to free agency but worked to bring in capable replacements. Even though he is super talented I worry about the addition of Michael Bennett via trade. Him and his brother have been quite the douchebags this past year and hopefully he doesn’t ruin what chemistry the defense has left this season. I don’t mind taking a shot with this defense for seasonal.

    Washington Redskins
    HC: Jay Gruden (7-9)
    This team is about as consistent as the quarterback they just let go in free agency. Injuries played their part in derailing Washington’s plans for another postseason run. As soon as the offensive line started breaking down the whole offense went down the tubes and brought the defense down with it. The Redskins have a lot of needs and it starts at that offensive line if they want to have any chance of being competitive in the coming years.

    OC: Matt Cavanaugh
    This offense just seems so bland. They also didn’t address the offensive line like I had hoped which gives me some pause with Derrius Guice. Currently, he is a 3rd rounder and I’d like to get him in the 4th. It won’t happen, because industry folks built him up already. I like Guice, but he has limited upside because he hasn’t generally been involved as a receiver in the passing game and we already know that Chris Thompson will be around as well. Thompson is a mid-range draft pick for most leagues going anywhere from the 8th to 10th rounds. Alex Smith comes over from Kansas City and will continue to be his bland self. Primarily dump offs to the RBs and TEs and some action given to the WRs. Jordan Reed is being drafted in the 8th round which is perfect for a guy with his risk, but high upside. Crowder and Richardson should be viable options for Smith as they can work back to the QB if need be and are usually drafted in the mid to late rounds. Josh Doctson on the other hand will probably be over drafted and I have no interest in him with Smith under center.

    DC: Greg Manusky
    On paper this defense is solid, but I always worry about injuries when it comes to them. I also don’t believe the offense can help them stay fresh which again can lead to injuries. I’m staying away for now and making them prove themselves to me.

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