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    AFC West Post Draft June 2018

    What’s up Scout Army?!?!
    Interesting division this year as each team has improved defensively and the offenses aren’t far behind. Kansas City will have a tough task repeating as the division champs as both LA and Denver have improved enough to compete for the division and Oakland hired Jon Gruden. They hired a guy who has been in the TV booth for the better part of a decade! Do they even care anymore?

    Denver Broncos
    HC: Vance Joseph 2017 record (5-11)
    Lawrence Taylor once famously said, “Kids, don’t smoke crack!” and unfortunately for the Broncos they didn’t listen. Instead they decided it was an okay decision to roll out Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler at quarterback. It wasn’t hard to figure out the offense was going to stink, but it was so bad that it dragged the defense along with it. The Broncos defense wasn’t terrible but had such a burden placed upon its shoulders that at times it buckled, and the floodgates opened for opposing offenses. The team got its head on straight and changed a couple pieces that should help for this season.

    OC: Bill Musgrave
    I’m liking this offense for 2018. It should get back to more of it’s roots as a run first team as the defense plugged a lot of its holes and should be able to hold its own. Booker for now has got the first shot for the starting running back job, but this will end up being Royce Freeman’s job. I’m happy taking Freeman in the 4th round and am confident already for best ball to take him in the 3rd if need be. The addition of Case Keenum at QB is certainly an upgrade this season and don’t mind drafting him late in best ball and expect him to be a capable option for two QB leagues if not also a flyer option for single QB leagues. Thomas and Sanders are the top two wideouts again to own and are available for dirt cheap. Both have been falling to at least the 5th if not 6th rounds this season and have way too much upside to be drafted that low. Take advantage if you can! I have no interest in the TE position whatsoever.

    DC: Joe Woods
    The Broncos defense has retooled and gotten itself younger. Tremaine Brock was brought in as a younger replacement for Aquib Talib. Bradley Chubb was drafted with the Broncos first draft pick this year and fills a nice void at the OLB position and should excel opposite of Von Miller. I expect this defense to be pretty tight and viable for use as a team defense.

    Kansas City Chiefs
    HC: Andy Reid 2017 record (10-6)
    The Chiefs had a decent season considering their defense was a sieve and Andy Reid can’t call a game offensively to save his life. It cost them in the end as they lost a home Wild Card game to the Titans. The Chiefs have a ton of talent but could never seem to get out of its own way. Hopefully, they can put it together and make a more promising playoff run in 2018.

    OC: Eric Bieniemy (NEW)
    Bieniemy takes over for Matt Nagy who departed for Chicago this offseason. Don’t be fooled though as Andy Reid will maintain play calling duties. Some folks are calling for a bust season for Kareem Hunt as he is now being drafted in the late 1st round. It’s possible he can’t live up to the hype, but it’s his off the field conduct that is giving me more pause than his on the field production. Tyreek Hill is again being drafted around the 3rd round which still feels too high for me as I value him more if there in the 4th round. Sammy Watkins is in town opposite of Hill and is being drafted as more of a WR2 than where he should be as a WR3 or later. He’s sitting around the 6th round and I’d rather have him around the 9th/10th rounds. Travis Kelce should still be a high production TE with Patrick Mahomes taking over the QB duties this season from Alex Smith. He will be drafted just after Gronk somewhere in the 3rd round. I can’t argue with his production, but I’m still not a high pick TE guy. Mahomes would be a high risk/high reward QB pick around the 8th to 10th rounds. I would take a shot on him if he fell further back in the 10th or later.

    DC: Bob Sutton
    The defense has improved with the addition of Anthony Hitchens in free agency and the drafting of Speaks and Nnadi to help improve the run and pass defense. It’s still a shaky unit as I believe they will improve primarily against the run, but still have holes in the secondary that can be exploited. Against the right teams they will be viable for fantasy especially if Hill is back returning kicks for the special teams unit.

    Los Angeles Chargers
    HC: Anthony Lynn 2017 record (9-7)
    I had a hard time watching the end of last regular season. I wanted both the Chargers and Bills to make the postseason but knew that only one of them would make it. Unfortunately for the Chargers it was not them, but at least it wasn’t for a lack of trying. Phillip Rivers showed he still had plenty left in the tank and the team should be able to build from last year’s momentum.

    OC: Ken Whisenhunt
    The Chargers offense should pick up where it left off even though we may see their usual slow start to the season. The offensive line still isn’t great, but they will get G Forrest Lamp back from the IR and signed C Mike Pouncey from Miami. Slightly improved which means I’m comfortable with Melvin Gordan late in the 1st round. I’m also comfortable with Phillip Rivers and his receiving targets. Rivers will again go super late in drafts probably in the 12th round or later. Keenan Allen will go somewhere in the 2nd round as people aren’t nearly as scared about injury risk and he is River’s go to guy. There will be no Hunter Henry at TE as he tore his ACL, so we need to figure out where the targets are going to go. I would expect Antonio Gates to re-sign with the team, but if he doesn’t I have no interest in Virgil Green. If you don’t get your hands on Keenan Allen I would take a super late shot on Tyrell Williams and even Mike Williams at WR.

    DC: Gus Bradley
    I expect this defense to see continued improvement and have no issue using them as my weekly defense. They improved up the middle at safety and linebacker where they should get better against the run. They were already pretty good against the pass and expect that to continue this season.

    Oakland Raiders
    HC: Jon Gruden (NEW) 2017 record (6-10)
    Talk about a 180-degree shift. For as great as the 2016 season was for Oakland the 2017 showed everyone what they really were……. mediocre. Amari Cooper looked lost and Derek Carr dealt with nagging injuries most of the year. The defense couldn’t get off the field to save their lives and with an offense that was doing them no favors as well. There are a lot of holes that need to be filled if the Raiders want to even sniff the playoffs.

    OC: Greg Olsen (NEW)
    There are some people who are overly optimistic about the Raiders offense this year, but I’m not one of them. Marshawn Lynch is joined by Doug Martin this year at RB and as good as Lynch was when on the field he is another year older and has nowhere to go but down. He’s being drafted around the 5th to 6th rounds and at that point you could do a lot worse. Amari Cooper is being propped up as the “Gruden go to guy” and is being drafted in the late 2nd to mid-3rd round. I don’t hate him in the 3rd round but I don’t love him their either. I’d rather get him in the 4th if I could, but it won’t happen. If Martavius Bryant can dodge the suspension that is looming around his head, he would be viable as a super late WR prospect. I have zero interest in Jordy Nelson this season. He’s done as a fantasy asset. The same goes for Jared Cook at TE for me.

    DC: Paul Guenther (NEW)
    The Raiders went out and completely overhauled the defense this offseason. The only issue for me is whether Guenther’s scheme will work or not with this unit. If it clicks you could see one of the best defensive turnarounds in one season. Keep an eye on the unit as you wouldn’t have to draft them out the gate unless taking a late shot in best ball drafts.

    As always, any questions or comments leave them here or reach me on Twitter @roydawg_13
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