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    AFC South Post Draft June 2018

    What’s up Scout Army?!?!
    We have a lot of options here in the AFC South. This should turn out to be a pretty fun division to watch as everyone battles for a possible Wild Card spot behind eventual champ Jacksonville. We also have some defenses that might turn out to be viable options for seasonal leagues.

    Houston Texans
    HC: Bill O’Brien 2017 record (4-12)
    Does anyone remember how much fun Deshaun Watson was last season? It seems like a lifetime ago when everyone was interested in this team, especially for fantasy purposes. We still had DeAndre Hopkins of course, but this team as a whole was trash. The team will be banking on a healthy JJ Watt again. Will he make it through unscathed? Time will tell. There is a few holes to fill, primarily on the offensive side of the ball.

    OC: Bill O’Brien
    The offensive line is still a huge issue this year which is not a great thing when your QB is coming off his second ACL injury. Deshaun Watson looks to be back for week 1 at QB and while I agree that he has a tremendous ceiling I can’t see myself taking him in the 4th round. That is an incredible price to pay for a QB who doesn’t have a large sample of game data and is coming off another major injury. That doesn’t mean I don’t like his targets in Hopkins and Fuller. Hopkins proved once again that he is worth a 1st round pick and if you believe in Watson than you have to believe in Fuller who’s value is completely tied to Watson and for now is being drafted late into the 8th and 9th rounds. D’Onta Foreman will probably be placed on the PUP list to begin the season which means that Lamar Miller is in play. While I didn’t care much for him last year where he was being drafted in the 3rd round this year he is sitting somewhere in the 6th round which is good value for a guy who will start and should be somewhat productive. Staying away from the TE spot here as no one stands out.

    DC: Romeo Crennel (NEW)
    The defense really comes down to one question. Will JJ Watt make it through the season? As good as the rest of the defense is it always seems to deflate when Watt gets hurt. They have added a lot of nice pieces to this defense especially with the additions of Colvin and Mathieu to the secondary. I have a lot of hope that this defense can recapture it’s high end magic of years past.

    Indianapolis Colts
    HC: Frank Reich (NEW) 2017 record (4-12)
    To steal a line from the late, great Keith Jackson, “Whoa Nelly!”. This team sucked last season. Without their franchise quarterback the Colts had absolutely no chance of succeeding. It all started with the smokescreen that was Andrew Luck’s health and ended in the firing of Coach Chuck Pagano. The team didn’t do him any favors with previous drafts and talent acquisitions through free agency. We’re banking on them finally pulling their heads out of their own asses to help fix this mess.

    OC: Nick Sirianni (NEW)
    Expecting to see an offense similar to what was used in Philadelphia last year. If Andrew Luck is truly back from the shoulder injury we should see him reclaim a spot as a QB1 again. As of right now he isn’t being drafted high at all and is going around the 9th and 10th rounds if not later depending on the draft. TY Hilton is being drafted late 2nd into the 3rd round which is a perfectly fine spot to draft a guy with his upside at WR. I don’t have much interest in Ryan Grant or Chestor Rogers at WR. Neither guy is spectacular and I would like to take a wait and see approach on them. Eric Ebron may have some late round value as a second TE sleeper if they do utilize the TE in a similar fashion as Zach Ertz. As far as the RB position goes I’m not as high as some are with Marlon Mack. I do agree that he has upside and have been disappointed in how the Colts have utilized him so far in his career. Now that Gore has left I was really looking forward to what he could do in this offense until the Colts drafted both Nyheim Hines and Jordan Wilkins. Wilkins has the talent to steal carries away from Mack on the early down work with Hines looking to steal away a lot of the third down work as a pass catcher. Mack’s draft slot in the 5th round gives me pause and I would much rather take a shot on the other two in the extreme later rounds.

    DC: Matt Eberflus (NEW)
    They are improving, but still are not good enough to stream. If Andrew Luck is healthy and can help sustain some longer drives the defense may surprise us in the right matchup. For now though expect them to still work out the kinks.

    Jacksonville Jaguars
    HC: Doug Marrone 2017 record (10-6)
    The trendy team of 2017 didn’t disappoint as they made it all the way to the AFC Championship game, eventually losing to the Patriots. They achieved that feat even with Blake Bortles at QB and no Allen Robinson at WR because of an early season ending injury. Behind a good offensive line and solid, but not great effort by rookie Leonard Fournette the Jags were able to have a competent offense. That’s not to say that the incredibly talented defense didn’t play a part in it. They truly were monsters!

    OC: Nathaniel Hackett
    The offense should continue to be a run heavy offense yet again in 2018. Improvements across the offensive line as well as more/better target options for Blake Bortles should also help keep the eight man boxes a little bit lighter for Fournette. Fournette is being drafted in the later 1st round and that’s just fine as he should improve in year 2 especially if he is done with the foot issues that have hampered his production. Marquise Lee will draw the top corners from each opposing defense which makes me stray away from him and want to take late shots on Keelen Cole and new WR Donte Moncrief if I can. Cole has the higher upside if he plays in the slot where he can really show off his speed and Moncrief should be a TD target in the red zone. I also like DJ Chark, but unless someone goes down to injury I don’t find much value in him out of the gate. ASJ comes over from the Jets where he is a nice TE upgrade over Marcedes Lewis who is gone and the plethora of underwhelming options still on the team.

    DC: Todd Wash
    Not much to say here. Outside of DJ Hayden replacing Aaron Colvin at the slot cornerback spot the defense hasn’t changed. The only question is if they read into their own headlines and suffer some regression this season? The offense has improved itself slightly which should keep them fresh by sustaining longer drives. As long as they keep their heads on straight they should excel once again in 2018.

    Tennessee Titans
    HC: Mike Vrabel (NEW) 2017 record (9-7)
    The Titans made the postseason, winning their Wild Card matchup against the Chiefs and what was their reward? PINK SLIPS!! I never wish for anyone to lose their jobs, but the Titans would never make the Super Bowl with Mike Mularkey as Head Coach. We will see if they will push further into the playoffs with an unproven commodity at the helm. I guess we will see.

    OC: Matt LaFleur (NEW)
    This seems to be everyone’s “sneaky spot” for players this season. I don’t know how sneaky it is when everyone is talking about how much they love Marcus Mariota this season. Look, he’s fine. I’d take a shot on him again if he’s there after the 10th round, but I’m not seeking him out. I’m backing off a little on Rischard Matthews as well as I’d rather take a shot on Corey Davis if I can get my hands on him around the 6th or 7th round. He showed the flashes of potential late last season and in the postseason. Delanie Walker is Delanie Walker…….SOLID! All you Derrick Henry truthers can “SUCK IT” by the way as Dion Lewis really sucks the potential out of Henry. They will split this backfield but I see it slightly leaning towards Lewis as he’s a better pass catcher and has handled goal line duties. I probably still wouldn’t draft either higher than the 5th or 6th round with Lewis getting the slight edge.

    DC: Dean Pees (NEW)
    I have high hopes for this defense as they look like they have fixed a couple of problem spots from last year. They brought in Malcolm Butler from the Patriots to man a corner spot that gave them issues last year. They also drafted Rashaan Evans from Alabama who gives them a solid option in their linebacking corps. They should remain solid against the run with a nice positive bump against the pass. Should be a solid option for seasonal leagues.

    As always, any questions or comments leave them here or reach me on Twitter @roydawg_13
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