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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      If you’re having trouble logging in, make sure to reset your password for the new site.

      When you re-up any Season-long membership (monthly or annual) you earn a free gift! (March 31 Deadline)
      #1 – If you haven’t already, please update your password on the new site by resetting it: HERE
      #2 – Sign up for one of the subscription options HERE.
      #3 – Then, come back and choose your Free Gift: HERE

      If you clicked to reset your password and you don’t receive your password link, check your spam. If it’s still not there, just create a new account by Registering for a new one. You may be one of the few we weren’t able to pull over to the new site.

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      Re-upped for new membership. Will we still be charged on the old site? Can’t seem to get clarification on this. If so, how do we go about not getting charged twice? Thanks.

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        Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

        Hey Mike, yes you need to cancel over there by emailing

        No telling what they’re doing over there, but CBS owns them, so knowing them, it will be CBS like content.

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        Thanks for the quick response Scott, looking forward to the new site.

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        Cancelling with them has been an absolute pain. I emailed & asked them to cancel my membership and got the response below. They don’t seem to take no for an answer & basically ignored what I asked them to do.

        Hi Tim,

        Thank you for your e-mail. We appreciate you being a member of FullTime Fantasy.

        We’re working on several new and exciting features for FullTime Fantasy and want you to be among the first people to see them.

        So because we know change is hard, we’re going to pause your billing until August 1. You’ll get the entire summer free to see what we have in store.

        And as a bonus, we’re giving you access to our sister site,, which provides comprehensive sports picks, projections, and analysis. Plus, it has fantasy rankings, DFS lineups and advice, and stat projections to help you make optimal lineup decisions. SportsLine is $9.99 per month, but you’ll get it completely free with your paid FullTime Fantasy subscription for as long as you have it.

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        Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

        That’s crazy. When did they send you that email?

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      I emailed them on Feb 28 and they responded with that the next day. I sent them a follow up & told them I wasn’t interested and they didn’t respond. I’ll just keep an eye on my credit card. If they charge me I’ll just dispute it.

      The best thing about dealing with you guys is by far the relationship. I can contact you a million different ways & you always respond right away. There is no fake sales pitch or being pushy. You stand by your product & take care of your customers.

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        I don’t know what you’re talking about.I’m having trouble with the site accessing my teams and I’m getting no help. I just signed up for a 88 baseball team and if the league filled my roster is being filled with auto picks. Someone please reach out. 801-628-3171

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      I emailed them to cancel and received the same offer as above. I declined and asked them to cancel it. Then I got another email that they were canceling and not charging me on my renewal date. I would just email them again and don’t stop until you get a confirmation email.

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      Thanks Mike.  I’ll keep trying.

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        Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

        I think at this point , it’s honestly fair game to call it deceptive that they are still promoting “Access and answers from Dr Roto, Adam Ronis, Shawn Childs etc.”

        So bizarre that a big company like CBS is that desperate to mislead our fantasy members and push them over to Sportsline, which has been around for years.

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      I had the same issue, canceling!  They were very persistent, I told them that I have alerted my credit card company and I would take legal action if they continued to bill me. That seemed to work. They said “sorry to see you go”.  I am now back in the Scout Army and  can’t wait for football season!  

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      Hey Scott how can I change my display name?  I just re-upped and I would like to use my name that I had before. Its limiting my choices to my actual name. Thank you

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      AvatarJonathan Bowen

      Testing the Forum postings.  (IT)

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      Question; tried to look at Kentucky Derby picks from Vegas Whisper and says “Content Restricted” need to buy all sports premium pass. I already pay for that pass and get all other content. Any help?

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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      CBS is still trying to deceive ScoutArmy and milk your old subscription $$ to the site. Really incredible. We have sent them a cease and desist. Let’s go.

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      <header class=”page-header”>
      <h1 class=”page-title”>Page not found (404)</h1>

      It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

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      Anyone have any good promo codes? Roto50 gives 50% off for 2 months, but that’s pretty much the same as the 1 month off 6 month deal. Looking to sign up if a good deal is available!

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      Has the ability to apply custom rankings (local FF league rules) been shut down for the season (for non-payers)?

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      I just signed up for premium and can access all of the content, except when I go to do customized rankings for my home leagues, it either doesn’t take me to the site, or if I can get to it and hit the little black box to enter custom scoring, it takes me to the page asking me to sign up? Help! Thanks!

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        I’m having the same issues accessing customized rankings.  Did your issue get worked out?

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      I am a member and have been a couple of years, was at the old site got duped for 1 month, I actually put that on you guys… should have reached out to all the members, no biggie though I get it.
      However,  I am writing to you because too many times like today I can’t access things simple things “Fantasy Football week 5 Hub” I mean most of the content on the list of content is still stating week 4 .. cmon guys .. lots of bugs still I get it. This info is what we pay for, and we need it on the dates its meant to be seen not 2 days later. Maybe I am doing something wrong but don’t think so, because sometimes good sometimes not .. so not user error…


      Thank you

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      I’ve changed my password 3 different times now and i still cannot access all the exclusive content. Not sure what the issue is be it’s becoming frustrating now. Also, the mobile site does not work well either, when trying to access the rankings you can not use the filter to change settings per your fantasy point system or check ranks based on positions.

      How can this be resolved???



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      I was having trouble getting into the forums using firefox.   I switched to edge and got right in.   Just thought I would share.

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      Why do non premium members have access to the premium forums?

      I can read everything on my cell phone but unable to post.. is this by design?

      As a premium member i would assume that would be shut down for people that don’t pay??

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      I just subscribed to the baseball season package and can’t find the 2019 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit. Where can I download this?

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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      If they think they are going to call themselves ScoutFantasy, it’s about to go down…


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