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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      A letter from our Commish, Scott Atkins:

      League Champs Will Be Crowned
      Something we’re extremely proud of here at the FFWC Fantasy Football World Championship is the fact that we’re the ONLY high stakes season long contest in the country that offers players the chance at a $10,000 Dominator League Prize.

      If a team has the best win/loss record (not tied) and also has scored the most points in the league, this team is the true Dominator and wins $10,000 outright upon completion of the Week 13 games going final. (stat changes final on Thursday) The remaining prizes go to the team with the 2nd best record and 2nd most points.

      The $10,000 Dominator Prize
      This has long been a dream of ours to see players truly rewarded for winning against the best players in the world. When you factor in the entry fee, airfare, hotel, cab fares, luggage and the dreaded t-word (taxes) it’s important that our players see a significant ROI for winning their league of 12. It’s a big deal and it needs to feel that way.

      If there’s NOT a team that Dominates, the league advances to a 3-week shootout (weeks 14-16) for the remaining $5,000 prize.

      The League Championship Playoff
      1. The Team with the Best Record (points tie-breaker)
      2. The Team with the Most Points

      Whichever team scores the most points over this three week period wins the $5,000 and title of FFWC League Champion.

      Tied for Best Record but less points?
      Having said that, with the joy of victory, there is most certainly the agony of defeat, and win you play here at the FFWC, you feel it BOTH ways. The teams that are tied for best record but don’t have enough points, sometimes feel they deserved more for their effort. Undoubtedly when a team is awarded $10,000 that doesn’t leave as much for the “almost” team. We get it, and as players, we know how much it hurts to fall short.

      Every year we sit down and review the way we award our league prizes and this year will be no different. Should the two teams that make the League Championship Playoff battle for the $5,000 outright or should we split it up $3,500 / $1,500? We talk about these issues every year and discuss it with players and we will send another survey out this year in the off-season to take the pulse of our FFWC players.

      It’s Not Over!
      Not to be forgotten here at the FFWC is the fact that the Top 4 Teams in each league win a Ticket into the Championship Round (valued at $1,288) to be crowned the eventual Fantasy Football World Champion. This gives those teams that just missed in their individual league of 12 and those teams that are getting hot at the right time, a serious shot at the $150,000 Grand Prize and title of World Champion.

      Today we watch all leagues go down to the wire. Best of luck in week 13 and congratulations to everyone still in the hunt!

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