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      Hey guys, love the content and looking forward to a great year. Good luck to you guys, too!

      A friend talked me into a Keeper League in 12 team hxh format.  I’ve only played fantasy baseball for 3 years, but never a keeper league.

      If you were to start from scratch, who were some early and mid targets you’d go after for both pitching and bats?

      I appreciate your time and attention, guys.


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      Dr. RotoDr. Roto

      In keeper leagues I prefer to find guys who have 2-3 years of good play in front of them. So for example, I would rather Trevor Bauer over Justin Verlander. That doesn’t mean I want all young guys, but I would prefer my first 10-15 players to be those I could keep without hesitation for 2-3 seasons. Pitchers like Bauer, Taillon, Buehler, Snell make a lot of sense. Hope that helps.

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