10 Reasons Joe Mixon Could Lead the League in Rushing

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    Scott Atkins
    Scott Atkins
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    Personally, I have more faith in Mixon than I do David Johnson, so for me it’s:

    #1 CMC
    #2 Barkley
    #3 Kamara
    #4 Zeke
    #5 Mixon

    He’s currently the 10th player off the board with a high of 6 and a low of 17.


    Now the question becomes, “but what about the WRs that are available there?” – Glad you asked, err I asked. Regardless, in Bestball leagues where having 10 receiver depth can make up for a lot of scoring weeks, I side with the RBs earlier and I take Mixon before Hopkins/Adams etc, but in Start 3 WR and 2 flex leagues (like FFWC) I would default to Hopkins and Adams before Mixon.

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    Matt De Lima
    Matt De Lima

    I think he’s got a shot but the Bengals would need to increase his carries a good amount. He’d need around 300 carries to do it and I don’t think the Bengals are good enough to run the ball that much (playing with the lead often).

    On another note, I have faith in DJ. Zona’s coaching staff last year was utterly clueless.

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    Bengals lost 2 offensive linemen. Do you still think Mixon is a top 5 back, I don’t.

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