The Cycle

The Staff 

ERod – We saw Sale light up this team last night. Granted Rodriguez doesn’t have the same strikeout potential as Sale, but he the upside for double digit k’s are there.

(Risk factor 5)

Verlander – Revenge narrative against a team that has 16 k’s in 48 AB against him.

(Risk factor 5)

Urena – a lot of risk with Jose tonight, but he has handled Tampa well In his career (.077 avg as a team)

(Risk factor 6)





The Bats 

Houston – Same game plan as last night. Play the back of the line up and a single one off from the top.

Atlanta – Love this spot for Atlanta at home. Wacha has been hit hard as of late and has given up a .366 average to this Atlanta team.

(Lefties And Acuna)

KC – Yes Minor has been good, but KC has too many power righties in this lineup. Expect the Solar bomb in the 5th



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