ScoutDFS Team DOMINATES: Limited Time Special Promo

The ScoutDFS team has been conquering the field and has THREE entries into FanDuel's Fantasy Baseball World Championship! Celebrate with this AMAZING, limited time discount!

Lock in your DFS NFL subscription with this winning team and get the rest of MLB for free. Deadline August 19.

Do you enjoy playing NFL DFS at DraftKings or FanDuel? Our team has you covered. No… seriously.

Our ScoutDFS team has not one, not two but THREE entries to this Saturday’s World Fantasy Baseball Championship at FanDuel. Are you kidding me? Do you know how incredibly difficult these qualifiers are?

The ScoutDFS team has been absolutely crushing it and our subscribers have actually been vacationing around the country taking their photos and sharing them with us. It’s been one helluva ride for our MLB crew. We will provide a link later so you can follow their journey to the title and up the leaderboard in tomorrow’s contest.

For NFL DFS, it’s time to go ahead and get your NFL subscription in place for 2018. To celebrate, we’ve discounted our NFL season $45 off to just $79 for the entire season. Our goal isn’t profits for us, but profits for you. and to build the #ScoutArmy strong and wide. This includes EVERYTHING:

  • Advice & articles every day by real cash winners.
  • All of our tools featuring our WR Matchups Charts and ScoutScores for every player.
  • In-depth weekly player breakdowns by Shawn Childs.
  • Weekly Secret Stars
  • Stacks, Fades and Tip of the Spear Plays
  • Award-winning Stat Projections backed by RDA analytics
  • The always on fire Lineup Optimizer – The Scout Optimizer: Our opto called the legendary Week 5 Watson/Hopkins/Fuller stack in 2017, which won our subscribers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The opto allows you to select your favorite core of players and optimize your lineup, or even 5, 10 or 20 lineups around that core. Then you can download them right to FanDuel or DraftKings and insert them all at once. This package has it all. $79 for the entire NFL season also gets the rest of the MLB season!

Having said all that, the price does go up on Monday!

PLUS to celebrate, we’re throwing in the REST of the MLB season for FREE so you can get in on that too. It’s what you call a No Brainer.

Just use Promo ROSE or FUEGO at Checkout. They give you the same discount, it’s more symbolic than anything. If you know these guys, they’re both incredible people.

  • FUEGO – After several qualifiers, it’s his time. He’s due.
  • ROSE – The First timer, the Rook, now turned pro. And he’s trying to make a big splash and crash the party.

Let’s do this #ScoutArmy!!!