Rose’ 9/25 MLB DFS PLAYS

I’m not going to lie, I’m going to really miss writing these articles. Baseball is almost over (as far as regular season) so it’s a little saddening for me. But, we have some of the best guys in NHL, CFB and CFL….plus you still get yours truly for your NFL needs! 


Buehler – dude has been on a mission his last 2 starts. 21 strikeouts in his last 2 starts, and 0 earned runs. He should get the win as well, especially with Arizona throwing out Matt Koch. (Risk factor 4)

Bauer– roster with extreme caution. We really don’t know how long he’ll go tonight, but with such a good matchup and price, if we get 5 innings we could get 8 strikeouts and a win. Keep an eye on a pitch count. (Risk factor 6)

James – This kid has electric stuff and will be a solid starter in the league. He gets a lot of strikeouts and a low of swing and misses. No one really scares me on Toronto right now. (Risk factor 4) 

Toussaint– Another young kid with great stuff. He has some K upside tonight just be careful with a little bit of weather here. If they delay the game he should be ok. (Risk factor 5) 






Dodgers – Matt Koch is a bullpen arm who should not be starting. Joc will homer off him and so will Muncy. 

Colorado – Still playing for the wild card, only .5 game out. They’re going to sweep philly and get in. Lefties here with Story. 

Washington – Brigham has given up at least 2 runs in each of his 3 starts, while Washington looks like they’re heating up at the wrong time. Trea Rendon Soto 

Oakland – What a crazy season to see this team storm back and get into the playoffs. They smacked Leake the last time they saw him, and they do it again tonight.