Sunday IDP Live: Hosts Gary Van Dyke, Jarod Gray, and Jordan Rains. This show will air every Sunday.

Show Description: The best IDP Fantasy Football Podcast on the internet, that’s the standard on the Sunday IDP Live and we look forward to helping you win your fantasy football leagues. From in-depth analysis for all the major IDP positions (linebackers,defensive ends, safeties,defensive tackles, cornerbacks), to potential rookie phenoms, IDP strategy, consensus and individual rankings, we’ve got you covered. A proud member of the Fulltime Fantasy Podcast Network, the Sunday IDP Live offers a trio of host, Gary VanDyke (the OG Tipster), Jarod Gray (aka The IDP Rookie Guru) and Jordan Rains. The “Tipsters” each have a unique background and opinion on all things IDP and work tirelessly all year long to make sure the IDP content you receive on the podcast is the best in the industry. Join us and the rest of the Tipsters as we build a community of league winning, fun loving Fantasy Football junkies.