MLB DFS – Fri, Sep 1


We have some cooler temps in most spots today,nothing that screams PPD risk though, but there is some good humidity in a sneaky spot tonight



Clayton Kershaw … Do not play him.  He is on a pitch count limit.  I wish this hadn’t been made public news because he would have been about 20% owned and there’s no reason for him to pitch over 80 pitches at all the rest of the season.  Do not roster him.  This is a donkey play.

Mike Clevinger … What a way to start Friday off, huh?   This is the second game of a double-header so we have to see who Detroit rolls out in the second game.  Wait, no we dont.  They don’t have anyone left.  JD is gone.  Upton is gone.  Miggy is definitely going to drink in-between games.  Heck, I’d be shocked if he isn’t sipping on a flask at first base in the first game.  Why not?  Clevinger should be good today.  Wouldn’t be shocked to see the Tigers get swept all weekend by a team who has dominated them lately.  He will be chalk.

Luis Castillo … Pirates haven’t hit anything in forever and Castillo has nasty stuff.  If he has his control then he could have a huge game in a good ballpark for pitchers.

Jimmy Nelson … Jimmy! pitched great against the Nationals earlier this year but I honestly don’t love going to him tonight compared to Clevinger.  The reason to consider him on FanDuel tonight specifically is that he’ll be considerably lower owned than Clevinger but has just as much upside.  So, if you want to play on Clevinger getting rocked then this is a decent pivot.



Kevin Gausman … Just a gut feel but I think Gausman pitches a gem tonight.  Cooler temps and low humidity in Baltimore and the Jays are the lowest scoring team in the AL despite their outburst last night.

Buck Farmer … Pure punt play because of his price and K upside.  Second game of DH could produce a weaker Indians lineup so I think we get enough out of him to warrant using him at the discounted rate.

Tyler Skaggs … Texas road trip theory



  • Kershaw – See above….
  • Cole – I think Cincinnati beats him up today.
  • Lamet – Dodgers have too many lefties that can mash.



Kansas City … Show me someone else who has the balls to write up the Royals as their #1 stack?  OK, now show me someone else who is willing to play 3+figures on them?  Damn straight.  All in on my Royals tonight who I feel are in a good spot to finally wake up.  They’re going into Minnesota where they have raked historically and facing former Royal Dillon Gee (Gee, he sucks) tonight in a game with HEAVY humidity.

  • Salvador Perez – This guy hasn’t been right since coming off the DL, but I think the day off really helped him more than anyone else.  His first AB will tell me everything tonight.  He has raked in Minnesota and obviously caught Gee last year.  He’s locked in tonight for me and he is my biggest risk.
  • Jorge Bonifacio – He’s #2.  Better get the start over Brandon Moss….
  • Eric Hosmer – He would be #3, simply because I am worried about Moose’s knee.
  • Whit – He is #4.

Colorado … I think we get some fireworks this weekend in Coors field.  The Diamondbacks and Rockies have actually had lower scoring series in the past in Coors but the Rockies need to make a statement and they’ve been home all week which preps them to really go off today.  Arizona comes in red hot as well so they’re obviously in play.

Miami … Oh, they got shutdown by Ben Lively last night?  That’s nice.  All aboard them again today after everyone walks away.

LA Angels … So, I have like, 5,000 “random” narratives.  One of them is Angels in Arlington!  Trout and Pujols.  What’s this?  We have new toys?  Upton and Phillips?  Yeah, good luck with that Hamels.



Dude, I listed Kansas City #1.  What more do you want?




  • Salvador Perez – Salvy Splash Time!
  • Yasmani Grandal – Yasmani in Petco!
  • JT Realmuto


  • Paul Goldschmidt – He will be skipped because of his price. Whenever people do that, he homers twice.  Im a poet and I don’t even know it….
  • Eric Thames
  • Mark Reynolds
  • Pujols


  • Jonathan Schoooop
  • Dee Gordon
  • Scooter Gennett
  • Brian Dozier – KC Murder


  • Arenado
  • Lamb
  • Moustakas


  • Trea Turner
  • Jorge Polanco
  • Andrelton Simmons


  • Trout, Mike
  • Julio Daniel Martinez
  • Corey Dickerson
  • Ryan Braun


  • Christian Yelich/Marcell Ozuna/Giancarlo Stanton – Yeah… Pivetta…..  He sucks
  • Car-Go Boom
  • Charlie Blackmon
  • Jorge Bonifacio
  • Khris Davis
  • Justin Upton
  • Paulo Orlando – Just in case they roll him out there
  • Andrew Benintendi

OUTFIELD – Value Tier

  • Melky … Do it.
  • Manny Margot
  • Friday Night Lights – 13 SB off Gerrit Cole.   THIRTEEN.  He has 23 Plate Apperances.  THIRTEEN
  • Zeke Carrera



  1. Nolan Arenado – 3B – Chairman
  2. Goldy – 1B
  3. Mike Trout – OF
  4. Salvador Perez – C
  5. Melky Cabrera – OF
  6. Corey Dickerson – OF
  7. Andrelton Simmons – SS
  8. Jonathan Schoop – 2B
  9. BONUS …………… Brian Dozier – 2B
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