MLB Data Sheets 6/19

Stats for todays slate are located at

Team, Batter stats with ratings, Pitcher stats along with BvP, pitcher Stats Last 30 days and batter last 7 days. Each sheet and column can be sorted. Batter stats sort by rating and position. Click the rating twice to show highest, then click position.


Highest priced pitchers 

Justin Verlander vs Rays


Chris Sale vs Twins


Mid Tier Pitchers

Mike Clevinger vs White Sox. Pitched well vs Sox .203 avg. 31.5 % K rate vs them. 


Vince Valasquez vs Cardinals. High K RHP usually do well vs Cardinals. Carpenter and Ozuna May be only ones to worry about. 




Cubs vs Rich Hill- Bryant is crushing LHP potential sneaky play with Coors, Baez, Russel and Happ.  Almost Jr also a solid play. 


Tigers vs Romano- sneaky stack tonight. Romano allowing 2 at/9 to RHH’s. Castellanos is on Fire and Jacoby Jones hits RHP well. Also Martin, Goodrum and Candelario are in good spots as Romano gives up a .371 wOBA, 35% HC and 42% FB rate to LHHs. Great hitters park with nice weather and 10 mph wind blowing out. 


Rockies vs Vargas- Blackmon(Vargas allowing close to 3 HR/9 toLHHs.) Desmond on fire and usually over looked, Story a lock batting cleanup vs a lefty. LeMahiue and Arenado.


Angels vs Koch- Trout on Fire, Upton heating up. Koch struggles vs RHHs. Kinsler and either Young or Fernández. Another stack that could get over looked.