KBO Dongers Club – Wed May 20th

Wednesday, May 20th – Korean Baseball DFS

I have continued to make daily enhancements and add-on’s to my KBO Model/Dashboard which I have shared publicly.  It’s nothing too fancy but I think it’s more than you’ll find anywhere else right now in terms of getting daily DFS information for the KBO slates from a data/analytics view.  There’s still some manual effort involved with it, and thanks to FantasyBum to help scraping some of the data to make it happen — but the process to update it daily is getting lower which makes for more time to add on enhancements.

Today’s enhancement is adding a CHALK DASHBOARD view.  The intention here is simply to highlight what you probably already know, and that is the chalk is based on the Vegas totals and then taking the top projected players from those teams.  Not a blazing new concept in DFS terms, but obviously for KBO with a limited amount of teams it’s hard to avoid the chalk teams based upon what the over/unders and spreads are.  None the less, I’ve created a view that shows my ratings along sorted by position/team and the run total for each team.  If you so dare, you can view it.




All clear



Yesterday looked like a good pitching slate and wound up garbage.  Today looks meh and so it’ll probably end up fantastic.

Seung Ho Lee (Kiwoom – $8100) … Lefty arm at home as a huge favorite vs a Wyverns team who doesn’t have a ton of RH bats to do damage (just Jamie Romak).  He has decent strike-out rates and the Wyverns all strike-out a ton as well.  Locked in as my top SP today and probably will be 60% for good reason.

Tyler Wilson (LG – $7500) … Man the Twins went off on the Lions last night with a 10 spot in the first inning.  If they can get 3-5 runs tonight that should be enough for Philip Tyler Wilson, now in his third season in the KBO don’t let this seasons bad first start fool you.  He’s one of the better strikeout pitchers we’ll get normally and Samsung isn’t exactly an elite offense.


Contrarian Arms

Jong Hoon Park (SK – $7900) … Given his price and the fact that SK is 1-11 and facing the chalk arm in Seung Ho Lee, I would suspect that Jong Hoon Park is near 10% TOPS on this slate.  Instead of going what I think is crazy with a stack against Kiwoom, I’ll ride a SP stack in the domed environment that to me doesn’t look like a great hitters park (despite the big score last night).  MLB theory applies here — way over game last night = way under game tonight.

Cheung Ho Choi (SAM – $7700) … Similar logic with Park above, he is a pivot off Wilson.




  1. Doosan Bears:  They end the Dino’s hot streak tonight
  2. Kiwoom Heroes:  Tonights likely chalk
  3. KT Wiz:  Not much here that my model likes tonight but Kang, Rojas and Hwang all had big games yesterday and should be highly owned today despite some high prices on them.



CHAIRMAN:   Jae Gyun Hwang – 3B





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