KBO: Dongers Club – June 2nd

The start of some new series today and we have two series in pretty good ballparks between the Wyverns at the Dinos and the Giants at the Tigers.  Both ballparks have been good historically and pretty good offensively this year as well.


No serious issues.  A few cloud/lingering showers possible in a couple spots but no PPD or Delay risk it seems.


This slate is loaded with pitchers who have disaster potential

  1. Jae Hak Lee ($8700 – NCD) … He’s the top choice but believe me the SK Wyverns are playing much better, and it’s driven by Jeong Choi.  That said, the list really ends after Jeong Choi with guys I’d consider and even though this is a decent hitters park, I think Jae Hak Lee has to be considered.
  2. Min Ho Lee ($5000 – LG) .. So what’s the plan when the pitching slate looks rough?  Pay down of course.  This isn’t even my favorite pitcher in this game but for DFS today he’s probably the correct one.  Having only gone 9 innings through two starts depth is the reason why he’s so cheap.  But for $5k against Samsung at home he should give you good upside.


  1. Odrisamer Despaigne ($8200 – KTW) … Ugh.  He’s been good in terms of getting strikeouts and while I still think he sucks we have to consider a big K% guy in KBO.  That said, the match-up against Doosan?  Not great Jim.  Not great.
  2. Tae In Won ($6800 – SAM) … Good young arm who I have been very impressed with.  But coming off a 30+ point game and now going on the road against a decent Twins team is NOT a good spot to expect a duplicate performance.  Proceed w/ caution


KIA TIGERS … For those going for a home run, the Tigers should be your primary stack due to ownership as they won’t be nearly as high as the Dino’s but are in just as equally good of a spot.  I like the 1-4 on both sides in this game, but I really like Preston Tucker anytime he gets a bad RHP.

  • Preston Tucker (OF)
  • Ji Wan Na (OF)
  • Hyung Woo Choi (1B)

NC DINO’s … Suk Min Park was cold and then got Sunday off.  He’s hammered RH pitching this year and should be able to get things going at home against Seung Won Moon, who gives up 1.7 HR/9.  He’s probably gonna bat 5th and so he’s the nice anchor in this stack

  • Min Woo Park (2B)
  • Sung Bum Na (OF)
  • Eui JI Yang (C)
  • Suk Min Park (3B)

KT WIZ … If you didn’t have Mel Rojas from the Wiz on Sunday then you didn’t do much.  Today that guy is Jeong Dae Bae.  I have lefty Hui Kwan Yu for the Bears as one of the lowest rated pitchers on the slate and the Bears bullpen, like others is really really bad this year.

  • Jeong Dae Bae (OF)
  • Mel Rojas Jr. (OF)
  • Sang Chul Moon (3B)



  1. Eui Ji Yang – Dinos
  2. PUNT

FIRST BASE … Unusual for 1B to not be a stud position but it’s kinda blah today.

  1. Hyung Woo Choi – Tigers
  2. Jin Sung Kang – Dinos


  1. Min Woo Park – Dinos
  2. Dixon Machado – Giants


  1. Suk Min Park – Dinos
  2. Jeong Choi – Wyverns … Oh look, he’s joined the 2020 season.   Worth the price finally.  Consider at SS with Min Park


  1. Sun Bim Kim – Tigers
  2. Ji Hwan Oh – Twins


  1. Jeong Dae Bae – Wiz
  2. Preston Tucker – Tigers
  3. Ji Wan Na – Tigers
  4. Sung Bum Na – Dinos
  5. Jun Woo Jeon – Giants


Suk Min Park – 3B – Dinos

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