2018 Fantasy Football: Preseason Pro Hub

Preseason Pro is FullTime Fantasy Sports' flagship product where the top ranked players in the world each reveal their respective No. 1 sleeper, bust, breakout, comeback and stash & cash player of the year! Remember, there are 11 losers in every league. DOMINATE your competition!

Here at FullTime Fantasy, we’ve assembled the very best players in the world, 5 of the Top 10 World Ranked Players, to help YOU win your Fantasy Football league. Each of them has provided us with their #1 Top Sleeper, Breakout, Bust, Comeback and late round Stash & Cash players to help you with your upcoming draft. These picks alone have been valued at $29 and in the past and Preseason Pro has flown off the shelves. This year, all these picks are included FREE with your FullTime Fantasy Sports Membership!

Projected Release Dates:

  • Dr. Roto: July 30
  • Bill Enright: July 30
  • Brad Kruse: August 1
  • Shawn Childs: August 3
  • Kimra Schleicher: August 9
  • Mark Deming: August 6
  • Darren Summer: August 13
  • Ian Ritchie: August 16
  • Adam Ronis: August 20
  • Scott Atkins: August 22

We rounded up the Top World Ranked players in competitive season long fantasy football, millions of dollars in winnings and asked them to put it all on the line and give our members their annual Sleeper, Breakout, Bust, Comeback and Stash and Cash late round pick for the 2018 season.

Who are they? If you play competitive season long Fantasy Football, we’ve been watching you and ranking your performance. (rankings explained)

Why?  In everything everywhere, where people compete, there’s a pecking order. Everybody wants to see how they stack up against their competition. From the minute you step foot on our Contest lobby at PlayFFWC.com, you are ranked. $35 leagues, $99 leagues, Dynasty etc, all the way up to the World Championships in Vegas.

What makes their opinion so worthy? Simple. They win. Year in, year out, they’re winners, and while some may ask, “Why would they help me?”, there is no question that when their pride and integrity is on the line for all to see, they step up and make bold calls to help others. When we have questions on Sunday, this is who we call and we’re bringing our high stakes connections, to the ScoutArmy. Collectively these picks are referred to as Preseason Pro. 

Without further ado, Dr. Roto gets us kicked off to give you an idea of the concept. Simple and easy to digest, Preseaon pro is at it’s core, the gut check calls from the best players in the world. When your league is on the line, who do you trust? Jay from accounting? Some website freelancer who tells you fifteen statistically sound reasons why Jay Ajayi is the next big thing, who’s never won 10 cents?  No. Those days are over. Not all experts are considered equal.

What’s included in your FullTime Fantasy subscription?

  • Expert Premium Content from Dr. Roto, Adam Ronis & Shawn Childs
  • Exclusive Premium Forums – Ask your urgent draft, waiver, trade & lineup Questions
  • FFWC Premium Coverage and Tools (including up to the minute, Advanced ADP with High/Lows)
  • NFL and MLB Downloadable Player Projections
  • Over 1,000 In-depth NFL Player Outlooks written by Shawn Childs
  • Customized Weekly NFL Player Rankings powered by RDA*
  • Premium In-Season Matchup Tools (vs WR tool & Snap Count breakdown)
  • Exclusive Access to Subscriber Contests